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  1. *bump* since I started this thread there have been a few new versions of btsync and I'ld like to know if its possible now to have a "star"-configuration where only a central node (server) communicates with a numbers of clients. simply put: if the central node is offline no client can sync, this is what i want to achieve. currently i only use btsync in lan and switch it off when i'm not in my lan to make sure only my clients sync files here. I would like to use it however also to backups files to my server and sync over it but only in a star-configuration. regards
  2. The only potential part thats missing from the "star-recipe" is that I add the smaller nodes aka ADSL clients to the known hosts on the big node aka server. besides that I had all options as explained and it did not work. I think that it's LAN/firewall specific: From my understanding its enough if both clients establish a connection with the server through a dedicated, fixed UPNP Port. The server then would have an established connections to talk to both clients. So far I allowed UPNP and TCP on the server for the defined port. But that did not seam to be enough. So does the server have to know the IP/port of the clients too and do they also have to be open to the outside the same way the server is?
  3. feeling like going nuts with trying to reverse engineer the clients behavior is there some explanation which options go together with which, what makes sense and what of the mostly network related options have which effect? for instance: whats the relation between use_upnp, lan_use_tcp, search lan and so forth? if i dont use tracker and dht but _only_ predefined hosts do i need to open additional ports? on my linux machine with iptables i opened the port i referenced in the config both on tcp and udp... clients don't sync unless i use the tracker option, interesting though that if i watch both logs they both ping each other ... but nothing is synched any detailed info on those options and iptables/linux/btsync in general?
  4. i disabled everything but search in lan... i presume lan does not include a remote (known) host to further search for other nodes connected to it? and as far as math goes for _my_ particular scenario: node_a: adsl 1mbit upload / 50 mbit download; sometimes node_b: adsl 2mbit upload / 100 mbit download; sometimes node_c: 100mbit dual; server 24/7 so a usual scenario is this: node_a provides a new file and now it uploads it to node_b and node_c, it uses its bandwith to provide to nodes with chunks of the file. node_b is a real person so it is interested in the file, node_c ist just a server. so if node_b was offline node_a would only send to the server node_c and later node_a could fetch the file from there, fast. but whenever >= 2 nodes are online any of the slow clients unnecessarily again starts use its precious bandwith to also upload to the node who requires a file. it would be totally possible to build a cluster of known hosts who are servers and help distribute. but the smaller nodes (clients) should only be concerned with uploading _once_ to the one node and also download preferably only from the fast servers. so basically i want a star-network no small client-ish node should ever talk directly to any other small client-ish node, instead a fast central server (or bunch of servers) should receive uploads and distribute downloads. I hope I could make it clear :-)
  5. do you think it's a possible feature? the basis could be to have an option which says: only communicate with known hosts. Thats all it would require. I understand the initial use case for btsync but its this >< close to be a drop in replacement for many cloud storage and smaller setups in general. it would be the perfect tool
  6. hi, i really like btsync as a means to sync files on my machines. so far i tried - dropbox: meh, not encrypted, not my "cloud" - owncloud: client sucks, period - aerofs: could not get it running, felt sluggish - btsync: you call it alpha... feels stable, performs so here's my scenario: I'ld like not to sync from any client to any client but only to and from a central server. this makes the most sense for me as the server has a superior connection and is always up and running whereas clients might not be. Also i want to avoid sending contents from a node to every other node because downloading will be fastest from the central server. I tried to disable tracker and only use known hosts where, on each client, i entered the central server. but, using the central server, the clients (all other nodes) find each other and start to sync each other. Is there any way to prevent this? Is there a way to only have traffic got to and from a central server?