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  1. v1.1.27 on Windows 7 32bit 1) Crashes on removing folder - Dump Sent 2) Readonly keys fail to start syncing.
  2. Marko, you truly are great. I appreciate the time and effort. BitTorrent staff please give this man some Bitcoins or Marko post a Bitcoin address and I'll tip you.
  3. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain the new options.. max_file_siz_diff_for_patching: 1000 (default) max_file_siz_diff_for_versioning: 1000 (default) Keep up the great work devs...
  4. Cheers Marko. I should have checked that topic. FYI: It is in seconds.
  5. Thanks for the update. I appreciate your efforts. One question: What unit is the folder_rescan_internal setting?
  6. We are using it like this as well plus with application update roll outs.
  7. Nice bit of software... Just one wish which has already been asked.., Options for syncing added, modified or deleted files only. In my case, the ability to NOT propagate deletions is a critical feature.