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  1. Right! Just updated from 1.0.116 to 1.0.132 and everything alright!
  2. :S So, it seems I can't update and keep all my folders synced, having to manually re-add everything. Thank you for the information!
  3. In one of the computers I use to sync files I am having a problem to auto-update BTSync, since bittorrent.com and labs.bittorrent.com are filtered. Therefore, it can't auto-update itself. Instead of auto-updating I updated the program manually, but..., how unhappy I was when I realized that of the configuration went away when I did so, and I had to manually re-add everything I had synced. I suggest you two solutions to overcome this issue: - Let the manual update check in there is a current installation, and if so, just update, instead of overwritting everything. - Use BTSync protocol to auto-update, and don't just check the bittorrent.com domain. And thank you for the program!