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  1. Hi tuxpoldo, Raspbian is now available for jessie, but your package for wheezy requires libc6 (< 2.14). Jessie comes with libc6 2.17. Would it be possible for you to provide jessie packages for armhf ? Thank you
  2. Hello, My current usage of my raspberry pi: - firewalling (ebtables, iptables, ip6tables, fail2ban), - Wifi Access point (hostapd), - IPv6 routage advertiser (dnsmasq), - DHCP (dnsmasq), - DNS64 (totd), - NAT64 (tayga), - seedbox (experimenting rutorrent), - webserver (testing apache vs nginx), - monitoring (collectd + graphite) - btsync server. That's almost all for the moment
  3. purchase a raspberry pi :-) Seriously, I could do it for you, but when I launch: $ fakeroot debian/rules binary on my raspberry pi, I get dh binary dh: No packages to build. I can't figure out why... I suppose there should be a way to build a debian package for another architecture then the host you create the package on, but I never did such a thing.
  4. Hello, Could you please provide packages for ARM architecture ? Thanks a lot for your work.