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  1. Updated to 1.4.110. I now have three different Windows machines where btsync fails to start up with Windows startup/login. Have to start it manually. Happy to explain/report more, etc, if that's useful. Tell me where. Thanks
  2. Thanks, RomanZ, Is there a better proxy partner app for btsync? Agree, I haven't been able to find any documentation on what protocols Ultrasurf does support. AND: how can one determine what btsync is or isn't doing, with respect to its peer-to-peer communications? I'm scrounging thru the sync.log but not finding anything deterministic. I see it "sending ping to..." remote addresses, but don't see more that would tell me "succeeded" or "failed" etc. Is there a Help page to describe the connection process, the proxy functionality, and the resulting logs? I'm happy to read up.
  3. Watching this, having similar problems. Any updates?
  4. I guess I spoke too soon. Worked yesterday, not working today. No idea why. Wish I had some help diagnosing what it is or isn't doing.
  5. GM, I was using 1.4.72. Couldn't get proxy working, tried all options. Had a back-and-forth with Support, no help. Yesterday upgraded to 1.4.83, and it "just worked." Further detail: The machine behind the proxy was trying to connect with two machines on the other side. After I upgraded machine 1, it immediately connected to machine 2 (which was new, and was already on 1.4.83). But 1 didn't connect to 3, which was on an older version. I just upgraded machine 3, and now all of them are connecting. So my somewhat blind advice is, if you're trying to use btsync with a proxy, upgrade
  6. Updated to btsync 1.4.83 today, and it now works seamlessly with Ultrasurf. No explanation why.
  7. Update to my own post... I kept monkeying around with the new Advanced settings until I got something to work. Turns out the new version is having trouble finding peer machines -- on the same subnet -- on my corporate network. Unclear why (referring again to my comments below about lack of visibility and the need for more troubleshooting tools). On my laptop, yesterday, I had it syncing all folders with two peer desktops. Overnight I shut down laptop and this morning restarted... and it wouldn't connect to either peer PC. When I added ONE peer machine under "Use Predefined Hosts" --
  8. I've tried several proxy configs and none of them seem to be working. My sync folders are not finding their peers outside the firewall; and the Check For Updates button returns a failure to connect. Would be really, really helpful if there was some logging to tell me "can't resolve the proxy address you entered" or "resolved the address but can't connect" or "proxy is asking for credentials" or whatever. And a "test your proxy settings" button would be terrific. Right now it seems I'm flying blind... ALSO -- does anyone know how to configure btsync to connect using Ultrasurf? That woul
  9. I might have found something useful, or else a related edge case. Was having some problems syncing a large directory that was previously sync'd. On both machines, I deleted the folder from Btsync, then re-added the same directory on both. I observed that on both machines, it *started* to index the directory, and it indicated it had finished, but apparently didn't finish. On both machines, Btsync showed the folder to have N files with a total of N size; it had different numbers for that directory on each machine, and both were very very wrong numbers (much smaller than the actual direct
  10. Is it possible to change the default folder where my phone camera stores photos, to a folder in the btsync-allowed directory?
  11. D3rdon I confirm same as you described. Galaxy s5, Android 4.4.2
  12. Bump for this issue. The suggestion above is to .syncIgnore MS Office "temp" files - is it correct that one would have to do this in EVERY folder? That's unreasonable. Couldn't we get a patch release that would ignore those files by default? My small brain wants to assume that that would be an easy answer. Thank you!
  13. Greatmarko, Thanks again, but this leaves more questions. - I currently see an Up Arrow with a size of 3.2GB. But the sum of all current transfers ongoing is closer to 50 kBps. So the meaning of the Up Arrow is something nuanced, not simply "amount of data being sent/received." Any further details? - What's the difference between a "U" and an Up Arrow? I see both at different times, on the same machine. The status changes back and forth between letters and arrows. Both of my machines are running version 1.0.134. Currently one machine shows U:1.2GB, D:3.2GB; the other machine shows UP
  14. Great page. Could anyone please add an explanation for the Status column on the Devices tab? What do these mean? U: (size) D: (size) Up/Down arrows I.e. does "U" mean "Waiting to upload" or "Actually uploading", etc.? What's the diff between a U and an up arrow? Etc. Thanks!