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  1. Upvote. Agree. This describes my experience, too.
  2. Updated to 1.4.110. I now have three different Windows machines where btsync fails to start up with Windows startup/login. Have to start it manually. Happy to explain/report more, etc, if that's useful. Tell me where. Thanks
  3. Watching this, having similar problems. Any updates?
  4. I might have found something useful, or else a related edge case. Was having some problems syncing a large directory that was previously sync'd. On both machines, I deleted the folder from Btsync, then re-added the same directory on both. I observed that on both machines, it *started* to index the directory, and it indicated it had finished, but apparently didn't finish. On both machines, Btsync showed the folder to have N files with a total of N size; it had different numbers for that directory on each machine, and both were very very wrong numbers (much smaller than the actual direct