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  1. Thank you for your advice. To my understanding there is two usages to btsync One for desktops and one for servers For server your package is perfect (maybe a special user by default would be more secure). It will allow me to get my backups out of our datacenter to our office. For desktop we could have another package or an installer so that the btsync is automatically configured to run when the session starts and to avoid having the binary into download folder or on the desktop (like I did when I first used it). Well off course I could run a Mac
  2. Dear Tuxpoldo Thank you to provide us this packages. I ran into the same probleme as lux I use ubuntu, I change the file in /ect/btsync to config.gilles.gilles.conf When I run : /etc/init.d/btsync start I get == START =========================== File Name: 'config.gilles.gilles.conf' Name Part: 'config' Credential Part: 'gilles:gilles' Run As User: 'gilles' Run As Group: 'gilles' unfortunatelly btsync stils run under root 946 root 20 0 379m 4036 2144 S 1.0 0.2 1:32.49 btsync-daemon Do you have any idea? By the way shouldn't we run btsync with a new user btsync:btsync? Then we could add basic user to the btsync group. This would be safer than using root and allow a basic user to access the files. ## OK I found the probleme, same solution as LUX worked