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  1. Providing an off-site copy of family photos, videos, etc. My dad and I got matching 2TB HDDs that sync to each other so that our family can have a backup of our important files. (He lives in a different state)
  2. Be notified/warned when filenames differ only by case in a mixed sync environment (IE some computers are case sensitive and others are not)
  3. Jenny, thanks for the reply (sorry I didn't write anything until now) Your idea didn't do the trick in my case. In my case, it was due to two files on my desktop computer (RED-WOLF.JPG and red-wolf.jpg). My other computer is case insensitive when it comes to filesnames, so it couldn't have both files. Once I removed one of those files, sync completed happily.
  4. Hi! I've bumped into this issue as well. The way it showed up for me is that my desktop (ubuntu, case sensitive) had duped files (RED-WOLF.JPG and red-wolf.jpg). It would continually list itself as "syncing 96.5kB" but would never transfer anything. The other computer connected is case insensitive. Nowhere in the log was this problem mentioned, it seemingly just spun its wheels with no indication what was broken. After repeatedly upgrading to the newest version and posting the logs to the support site, I got a list of all the files from the folder on both computers, and diff'ed the lists. I understand that sync can't make these descrepancies go away, but it should at least notify the user when something is (possibly) wrong. This issue aside, btsync is great - thanks for ya'lls work on it.
  5. I have two computers (a desktop running linux and a macbook pro) that I'm trying to share a folder between them. When I first set the folder up, it copied most of the files over, but for the last few days, it has been sitting saying "96.5bK up" (on the desktop) in the status. The sync on the macbook reports the status as 96.5kB down. I went and added a new file to the folder on the Mac, and now both systems say there is 398.4 kB going the other direction (up from the mac, down on the desktop). Both computers are on the same network, although they aren't both on the same network hub. The desktop is connected via a netgear 8 port wire hub, the mac via LinkSys wireless router. I know both computers can currently talk to each other because I use synergy to control my macbook from my desktop when I'm at home. Both computers has been rebooted since the file started, yet both stay at the same status. What can I do/try?