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  1. I just upgraded from 1.3x to 1.4 on OSX. And I have to agree the new interface is horrible.


    The old one looked native. And even if it's more work to give each platform it's native interface, I think it's the way it should be done.


    There's a reason why each OS' interface is different. So each OS deserves a native application UI. Otherwise, the result is just ugly.

  2. When I create several folders with the same name but different number at the end, like chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, ..., chapter 10, the order in BTSync (Android) is not correct.


    Modern operating systems show them correctly (just tried in OSX), but BTSync shows in the wrong order of: chapter 1, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 2, chapter 3 etc.


    You can of course rename the folders chapter 01, chapter 02, but this is so 90s..

  3. I just installed the Sync Client on my Android device. XPrivacy is installed too. I was quite surprised that XPrivacy told me Sync wants to access my telephone ID, calls, numbers.


    Could you please explain to me why it would need that kind of information? I blocked it, of course.

  4. Currently I'm having the same bug (?) on both iPhone 4S (iOS 7.0.4) and iPad 4 (iOS 6):


    When opening the app, it autmoatically begins to download all files one after another from my NAS (DS213j). All BTSync versions are up to date. Before it used to only download files when I tapped them.

    Auto sync is off on both devices.


    It's annoying since it takes away lots of space, obviously.



    Removed the secret from the iOS devices, added it again. Seems to be fine again. For now..

  5. In addition to my usual sync of documents (with my Synology NAS acting as a server) I just began to use the combination of DS photo+ and Bittorrent Sync. It's a more flexible alternative to Photostream.

    The picture I take on the iPhone is being immetiadely synced to the NAS via photo+ (will probably be replaced by Bittorrent Sync in the future, once released). On the NAS (DS213j) there's BTSync running and syncing the picture folders (albums) to my computers.

    It's locally faster than Photostream (uses Wifi at home, 3G on the go), more private, cross platform and doesn't depend on Apple services or iPhoto/Aperture.

  6. Currently I started syncing my 1Password keyring with BTSync. It would be awesome if you could work with those people together to integrate BTSync support into their program (both desktop and mobile), like they already integrated Dropbox and iCloud for a cloud based solution.

    And, of course, please release iPhone and mips versions!

  7. While I can't really help you with your question, I'd like to highly recommend upgrading to 10.6. Snow Leopard is way superior and the most stable version of OSX I've ever had.

    Maybe you can talk to your executive? In this release, Rosetta is still present, which means old PPC programs will still run. So it should be very compatible with your software.