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  1. Count me in, too. Android: Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 (both cyanogenmod) iOS: iPad 4
  2. I use btsync to "replace" cloud drives of any kind (which I neither like nor use so far) and to get rid of the need for a server. Specifically that means: * Syncing my music creation folder between Linux and Windows * Syncing my company documents between the laptop and the server (so I need no netdrives, rsync, ...) * Syncing my photos from my mobile to the server (once btsync is available for Android) Future plans: * Syncing media files between player devices * Sharing foto collections (RAW files can be huge, last vacation took 40GB alone) with friends
  3. I kindly request to support Ubuntu Saucy Salamander, for those of us on the bleeding edge.
  4. I just found this in Google Play: It downloads a 30mb image which appears to include a working btsync client (Web UI) version 116. Is this a trustable installation and in any way official?
  5. Please add me to the list of beta testers, too. I am already happily using btsync in Linux and Windows. Devices: * Samsung Galaxy S * Samsung Galaxy S2 * Samsung Galaxy S3 * iPad 4 Obviously there already is a version for Android available: Is this an official one? (it's working fine for me)