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  1. I confirm: remove the .sync folder & start btsync. I had to do this 2x because I interrupted the wizard by exiting the browser.
  2. Already fixed? I still hit the same issues today, with todays download from https://download-cdn.getsyncapp.com/stable/FreeBSD-x64/BitTorrent-Sync_freebsd_x64.tar.gz So that's 2.0.93.
  3. Have been struggling a bit with FreeNas and btsync. Now that it all works without the need for a jail (I think), here are my findings. I assume a volume has been set up on the FreeNas. create a user 'btsync' with a homedir accessible for writing after the reboot. log on to FreeNas using ssh (putty or shell) with the root user. enable write access on the OS. mount -uw / based on http://forums.freena...-install.12722/ I adapted a btsync_install.sh script : #!/bin/sh # Installs Bittorrent Sync (btsync) under a FreeNAS jail # based on http://forums.freenas.org/threads/bittorrent-sync-install.12