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  1. Agree with this ! Llama can't indeed kill the app depending on a predefined condition ...
  2. Just tried the app today, while I'm using the desktop (mac) client for months now. Like everyone here, the heavy battery usage makes the app useless for now. I would like to use it exactly like I'm using Dropbox to sync my photo folder : without thinking at the synchronization at all. For that, the Dropbox client is permently running on the phone, without any battery drain issue, so I guess this will also be possible for btsync in the future. btsync for android is not so old and I will follow the forthcoming developments with attention !
  3. BTsync support send me a 1.1.15_1 version yesterday. With this new version, the problem seems solved. So this bug should be fixed in the next official update I guess.
  4. 100% CPU again on my imac. I'm sending you the process sample right now.
  5. I have/had the same problem, see So far, "my" BTsycn is running and the 100% CPU bug is gone without any clue on what was the problem ...
  6. While I had already reboot before posting this thread, it seems that this morning all is OK. I have just started the iMac and launched BTsync, exactly like I did on Friday, and this time, no 100% CPU bug. Very strange ...
  7. No, nothing else in the log file. I will send you the process sample on Monday. In the meantime, you can download here the crash file created when the 1.1.12 version crashed.
  8. Sync just crashed. I have a crash file if it can help. EDIT : just tried with 1.1.15 version. Same problem.
  9. Hi, I have just updated to the last available version on my iMac@work, and as soon as sync is launched, it uses 100% of my CPU. The new indexing process is finished, nothing seems to happens, but I get in the log file over and over: [20130514 15:35:24.378] Send ping to peer (0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) for share XXX_SHAR1: [20130514 15:35:24.378] ping directly [20130514 15:35:24.378] Send ping to peer (0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) for share XXX_SHAR1: [20130514 15:35:24.378] ping other_mac_ip:1234 directly [20130514 15:35:24.378] Send ping to peer
  10. Works also fine on a Synology DS213+ with DSM 4.2.
  11. It's working now ! In order to avoid the initial upload from the mac to my NAS, I have copied the folder I want to sync with BTsync from the unison "repository" to a new location on the NAS. In this case, it seems I have a problem with some files with non-standard characters in their name. But if I start a new fresh sync, with an empty folder on the NAS at the beginning, then all is OK and the two folders are correcly synced. So I guess I will have to upload all the data from the mac to the NAS to have a correct synchronization between them ...
  12. Thanks for your help rdebath. I will try all your suggestions as soon as possible. And by the way, you are right concerning the NTPd running on port 123 on my NAS. I will shut it down first and try again in the first place.
  13. So, after setting the encoding to UTF8 on both the mac and the NAS, I still get : [20130422 17:55:02] LoadTorrent: requesting to load file A LIRE/Cours/Géométrie Diff.pdf which is modified on disk (cur:1268735002 stored:1268757807) - rejecting until file info is updated [20130422 17:55:02] LoadTorrent: requesting to load file Biblio/10 IROS/Danès.pdf which is modified on disk (cur:1306159750 stored:1306239614) - rejecting until file info is updated This time, only 2 files seem to be problematic. So, I'm not sure if the problem is related to the encoding. BUT, I have just noticed that I h
  14. I'm quite surprised since I am using unison right now to perform the synchronization between my NAS and two apple laptops, and I don't have any problem with locales. BTW, I am juste adding the UTF8 support to my NAS to check if all is OK now.