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  1. My Hard drive crashed last night, so when I installed the new hard drive, I obviously wanted to get all of my files on the new drive and start syncing again. I tried for hours to get Sync 2.0 to link my "new device", but to no avail. So, I swapped my entire synching infrastructure to SyncThing ( It works wonderfully. It's what BTSync used to be. Thanks Sync 2.0 for being so bad that I was motivated to find a better product. The setup was simple, and it syncs to my Android phone way better than Sync ever did.
  2. So, I did a crazy hack to make this work (and it seemed to, but I can't really verify 4.85 gigs of files). Here are my steps if anyone wants to try. This is all because clicking "ok" on syncing a non-empty folder won't work. For this we'll assume Computer 1 and Computer 2 have a folder with identical data. We'll call it folder1. 1. Remove any references to folder1 in BTSync. 2. Add folder1 to BTSync on Computer 1. 3. Copy the share link. 4. Shutdown BTSync on Computer 1 (so it doesn't start syncing until you're ready). 5. Rename folder1 to folder2 on Computer 2. 6. Add folder1 (which is now empty) to BTSync on Computer2 (via the share link). 7. Shutdown BTSync on Computer 2. 8. Copy the .sync folder from folder1 to folder2. 9. Either delete or rename folder1, so you can rename folder2 back to folder1. 10. Now that you have your computers set up how they should be (with BTSync references AND all of your data) you can restart BTSync on both computers. The indexing time will depend on how much data you have, but it should be substantially less than actually transferring the data.
  3. To prevent others from having the same problem I did, you need to use backslashes in windows. ex: \abc instead of /abc