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  1. Thanks wiebel Do you know what arm version the Qnap uses? Your Pi is armv6 I believe and rusl also has that working fine. The dreamplug is armv5, so if btsync is compile for a higher version it may explain the issues. Graham
  2. Hi Rusl Thanks for letting me know this actually works. Having zero success on the dreamplug, on 1.1.15 as soon as I add a folder to sync btsync dies. This is before I add anything to sync to on the x86 PC. Can I ask what kernel version and distro you have on your Pi?
  3. No one else is trying this on arm? or close source bittorent wont comment?
  4. Wondering if anyone knows a workaround to get btsync working on arm or know if a fix is coming. I'm trying btsync 1.0.132 between an ubuntu 13.04 PC running 3.8.0-21 and a Dreamplug (ARMv5tel) running debian 3.7.4 #1. The 2 machines are are the same 100bt LAN. In some basic testing I've found the syncing from my Dreamplug to the PC seems stable. However syncing to the Dreamplug is very unstable. The sync to the Dreamplug starts and the transfer rate looks good @ ~5MB/s but for <60 secs and then the transfer rate (as seen by web ui) slowly drops to 0. On the Dreamplug I see the process died. Reported as