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  1. I had an empty folder on my NAS and when I deleted it it works again. On the other machine there is a folder with the same name but not empty. So btsync did not check the content of this folder??
  2. Hi, I see a strange thing on my btsync in my NAS: nothing is downloaded but on the other machine I see an upload which is the speed connection I have in my home. This is strange, I don't see any files on the synced folder on my NAS and no active downloads on the btsync GUI on my NAS. I think it can be the port? The listenning port is 7028 in my NAS and 7029 in the other machine. Is there another port to open? Both have version 1.1.70.
  3. "listening_port" but I think I confused both because I always used the "listening_port" to access the WebUI while I should use the "listen" value isn't it? But the strange thing is that I can access the WebUI using both...
  4. Since the 1.1.70 update, impossible to start btsync with a custom port in btsync.conf. I downgrade to 1.1.69 and it work.
  5. In that case, if putting back a folder to his original path make it to be deleted because of the read-only mode, the same thing have to be done for the deleted folder. For example with the same configuration which is: Device A and Device B are synchronized and Device B use a read-only secret. A folder in Device A is synced on Device B. Now I delete this folder from Device B. With the same reasoning, the folder have to be synced again in order for Device A to keep Device B in sync. But this is not the case ; I do it with every day and this is why I was surprised with this situation.
  6. I don't understand why this is a normal behaviour because the file his moved on the receiving machine, not on the sending machine. I should be able to put whatever I want on the reading machine because BTSync never send it with the read-only mode.
  7. I just tried with a third Linux (Linux_C) and this one is different: when I move back the folder into his original path it stay at this place. Strange... The only difference is the presence of sub-folders on Linux_A & Linux_B between the path I put on BTSync and the final folder.
  8. Thanks for your answers guys. I use the 1.1.15 version and yes, the Linux_B use a read-only secret so it's normal?
  9. Hi, I have a question about the folders in the SyncTrash folder. I create a folder Dump on my Linux_A (/Linux_A/Dump) The folder Dump is automatically transferred by BTSync on my Linux_B (/Linux_B/Dump) I delete the folder Dump on my Linux_A The folder Dump is automatically moved into the SyncTrash folder on my Linux_B (/Linux_B/.SyncTrash/Dump) I move the folder Dump on my Linux_B into his original path (/Linux_B/Dump) And now my problem is that BTSync automatically move again the folder Dump into the SyncTrash folder on my Linux_B (/Linux_B/.SyncTrash/Dump) I stop & start the 2 BTSync bu
  10. I tar all the folders with a lot of little files and it's OK. Thank you
  11. Not only but yes, there is some folders with a lot of files between 200kB and 4MB. You think I should tar folders before sync them?
  12. Hi, With the example of this post (BTSync port = 20001 and peer port = 20002), what is the firewall configuration if I want to use BTSync with known peers and direct connections only? 20001 to 20002 and 20002 to 20001 only? Thank you
  13. Hi, Here's my setup: BTSync is installed on my Synology NAS 1812+ and on a Linux. Sync is done aver Internet. I use BTSync to get files from the Linux machine to my NAS so I use the read-only key. My Internet speed connection is about 600kB/s and I usually see this speed in BTSyncbut since yesterday I can only see 30~40kB/s ! This is very very slow... I tried to download by FTP the files that are syncing and it was a normal speed (~600kB/s). I tried to restart BTSyncon the two sides but still the same... I've just installed BTSync, while I love the idea I'm having a bit of a speed issue. I don