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  1. Thank you for the status indicator, that is indeed a nice addition. However, I got the following error when starting the new version: $ /usr/lib/btsync-user/btsync-starterBitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 5552Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/btsync-user/", line 27, in <module> import requestsImportError: No module named requestsYou need to add a dependency on the package python-requests to fix this.
  2. I have a user with a hyphen in their user name, like user-x. When I create a config file named /etc/btsync/sync.user-x.conf, the daemon is started as root for this config, since it does not recognize user-x as a valid user name. Could you please change the init script so it recognizes user names with hyphens? To do this, you change the line CREDENTIALS=`expr match "${1}" ${BASENAME}'\.\([a-z,0-9,_,\.]*\)\.'${CONFIG_EXT}` to CREDENTIALS=`expr match "${1}" ${BASENAME}'\.\([a-z,0-9,_,\.,-]*\)\.'${CONFIG_EXT}` I have made this change myself now and it works, but then if you change the update script in a future update I will have to merge the changes manually. Thanks in advance.