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  1. i know this thread has been dead for a while but i'd like to revive it. it would be a game changer if resilio sync incorporated a checksumming feature. right now the only way to ensure bit rot doesn't propagate is to have every device connected running a file system with built in redundancy (ZFS, BTRFS, ReFS). or some third party checksumming tool. while this is tolerable on personal machines that you oversee, its much more difficult to control on family, friends, and colleagues devices. even if we do all the heavy lifting of setting up a resilient file system it can all be undone a corrupted file on a peer. this could be solved by an optional checksum option ("file integrity check") in resilio sync. so if a file is corrupted it can get fixed by a peer with the correct copy. a checksum file would be very small in comparison to the actual data,
  2. hello all, i'm having issues syncing up my computer, the computer is connected directly to my router, and the computer definitely has access to the internet (i can connect to the computer remotely) yet BitTorrent sync says there is no network connection. if i restart the application, it works fine. my question is there a predetermined wait time between how frequently it checks for internet connectivity? is there some other reason the connection is dropping consistently despite having a wired connection?
  3. First off thanks for replying. that was my main issue with using it. Could you perhaps elaborate as to why you can't? Are the contents of the folder encrypted by the secret while at rest or is it some other reason?
  4. So I understand that my files are protected from eavesdropping while in transit. I will be setting up a server to act as a central backup to which to sync my files. I have a port which is exposed to activily listen for traffic; it is an obscure port, but it is open. I was wondering if anyone who knew the IP address and the port could see the contents of the BTSync folder even without the secret?