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  1. Hello, I have bene fiddling around with BTsync ever since its initial public release, and needless to say, its a pretty awesome concept + app and glimpse into the future of distribuited computing. However, there is something that I am currently struggling with. I currently have 5 Linux amd64 servers and 2 ARM RPIs, in different offsite locations running BTSync as "backup nodes" for increasing download speeds on my BTsync clients + data resiliency. The only issue is , that for each folder that I want to add, I have to manually SSH into every single server one by one, mkdir a new directory, then head over the web interface of each server, select the folder and input the secret. This obviously works fine, however I can't say it's the most practical thing in the world. Especially now that I have been hosting BTSync folders for both family and business clients, and the amount of folders I have to add is increasing by the day, doing all of this manually is a rather annoying and inefficent time-consuming process. So I have been wondering, is there any way that I could set up a "master server" or something like that, on which I add a folder+secret, and then such master server propagates the new folder sync settings to the other 6 slave servers, which then go on relying my folders? I welcome any inputs Thanks in advance!
  2. Why can't BTSync just integrate an option to allow it to run an auto-update whenever a new build gets released? I have it installed on 5 different linux servers in different locations, as part of my "dropbox-like" implementation, and it's a giant pain in the ass to log in via SSH, stop the service, wget the new file , replace it, and restart the service 5 times in a row every single time a new build comes out.... And since now new builds are coming up every week or so, the pain-in-the-ass-factor is greatly increased too.
  3. I installed it on several servers around the globe I keep powered 24/7, connected to high-speed internet, as well as on a home server in each of my homes, as to get high-speed lan syncing. It's a really neat little program, I had been using Aero FS before this, but BT Sync is way better, as Aero FS isn't really getting on as to patching many annoying bugs that have been going on for months. In any case, BT Sync has really changed my life, as I now have a global relay network with all my files being redundant all around the planet, and thanks to the all the servers I set up, + the lan ones in each of my "home" locations, I am easily able to download newly added files from my seedbox/music server/movie server at speeds that easily reach 20 mb/s on my laptop wherever I am, within a few minutes from the time I add them in my main server I use for archiving and downloading huge files. I also set up more read-only relay servers daily, as I find suitable "zombie" computers of family-members and friends that are IT-illeterate enough not to care/understand what's going on, and use practically no disk space on their massively over-sized hard-drives and have high-speed internet connections as well, so that they won't mind further relying my files.