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  1. Yes, that should work fine, as long as changes are propagated from A->B, changes found on B will be sent B->C. Since you don't mention where B is located, if you're concerned regarding security you could make B and encrypted-key-only share, and it will still function the same way. That way B can store and share changes to files, but is entirely unable to read those files (just don't lose your RW key).
  2. Thanks all. I was able to get it working with michaelbaxters solution. For some reason I couldn't get the service to work correctly, but was able to manually start it and it seems to run fine.
  3. I have a raspberry pi where I'm attempting to install btsync using the official deb package from here. I downloaded the deb using wget. Ran as sudo dpkg -i appears to install but the btsync service start silently fails. When I run 'service btsync status' I get 'btsync for USER pi: not running'. When I try and start it via command line with either 'service btsync start' or 'sudo service btsync start' it tries to start but silently fails. Status once again reveals 'btsync for USER pi: not running'. Any ideas of what could be going wrong here?
  4. Are you syncing across LAN or elsewhere? I would say offhand you either have a firewall issue or your ISP is throttling traffic.
  5. I have multiple machines both local(some) and remote(many) and so far when I have large files they sync local at full speed on the switch, and comparatively a tiny amount from remote servers. BTYsync may not officially prioritize local traffic, but the speed of the network you're connected to impacts where the data eventually comes from. I would check your local network configuration for a bottleneck. Alternatively look here for forcing local only transfer. tl;dr Change your NAS and office server (and likely laptop as well) to local only sync (turn off all options but 'search LAN').
  6. At the moment, only if client1's desired shows and client2's desired shows are in different folders with different btsync secrets.
  7. I remember seeing some media content being distributed on this forum when it was first opened for public use. Dig far enough back and you'll find some secrets.
  8. You really should look at the FAQ and documentation as this is quite thoroughly covered there. But, in a few short words: Yes, this is possible. You will need to add the folder in question to BTsync using your main computer. Then copy & use the read-only secret on your phone. This will make it one-way sync. To find the read-only secret: Right click on folder in main btsync window --> Open folder info
  9. You really should look at the FAQ first, as this has been answered many times before, but as we are a nice and friendly community this is what you need to know: _____________________________ BTsync using just the randomly generated sync key is more than safe enough. The chances of generating the same key as anyone else is: 1 / (36^32) or 1 in 6.33 e49 (technically twice that if you also include D,E,and F secrets) So essentially almost never in the lifetime of the universe. If you are extra paranoid you can (after disabling tracker, relay, dht) have btsync only connect to IP addresses you specify using pre-defined hosts. Making it darn near 100% secure. For the extra tinfoil you could encrypt your files before putting them in the sync folder, but that's just plain overkill. _________________________________ NO, BTsync never stores anything on anyone else's computer. Nor does it use other peoples computers for transfer. The whole point is that it only DIRECTLY syncs data to those devices with your specific key. If you have a (RARE) bad firewall or router setup it's possible that BTsync will default to passing data THROUGH a relay server they own. If you look under (Right click on sync folder in btsync window --> open folder info --> properties) you can disable relay traffic. Honestly this is very rare and you should fix your firewall issue anyways if this happens. _________________________________ Yes, everything is encrypted during transfer. _________________________________ Happy syncing!
  10. I believe there is a request for a .syncOnlyAllow type system sometime in the future. Cast your vote for it in For the moment, the easiest way would be to exclude the most common video formats. Unless you're recording/encoding in something really strange I would suggest adding the following to your .syncIgnore: *.avi *.divx *.f4v *.flv *.m4v *.mov *.mp4 *.mpeg *.mpg *.mkv *.ogv *.vob *.wmv *.webm *.xvid Of course, check and make sure you don't have video files that are going to be outside that range. My guess is the list above will cover 99%+ You will also have to remove the folder in question from btsync on the small hd computer. Delete any video files. Then create the .syncignore with the above exceptions. Then re-add the folder using the read-only key.
  11. Well, on Android it's as simple as making a folder and adding the same secret to all 3 devices. Works great. iOS......... good luck...
  12. You can always install btsync on a raspberry pi or grab a cheap vps (like backupsy) to act as an intermediary and sync changes when only one computer is online. Sort of like creating your own cloud storage.
  13. Glad I could help! Sounds like you have a great plan in mind. That's a heck of a lot of resiliency! You can make encrypted read-only (sometimes called "F" secrets, see linked post for details on what A through F means) without the API. Check out the following post for details. Keep in mind that if you are already sharing the folder you intend to use, you'll have to remove ALL computers that are sharing that key (likely all "A" secrets) and generate the new D, E, and F keys. And remember, if your whole organization somehow against a billion to one odds all have your computers lost/destroyed/eaten-by-dragons you'll need the original "D" secret to pull all the data from those thousands of "F" encrypted secret computers/subscribers. Everything gets re-downloaded and decrypted when you put the "D" secret on a new computer. So print that original and save it somewhere off-site like a safety deposit box or fire safe.
  14. Probably better off rolling your own dedicated backup host for btsync. Backupsy is fantastic for this and they specifically allow BTsync.
  15. I'm having a hard time deciphering what you're intending to do. Do you want to use your members as additional encrypted file sync/storage? Or do you want them to see the files and contribute to your work? Very confused as you mention the API. Under the API the encrypted read-only folder that the API creates would prevent any contribution. Any computer that has an encrypted read-only secret for a folder will contribute to the 'swarm' and upload/sync changes (they just don't have the key to decode and view said files). Same if you add another fully standard computer to the swarm the encrypted read-only users will contribute data to the new user. PS you dont need to use the API to create encrypted read-only secrets.
  16. 1) Not at this time. Take a look through the feature requests forum for this topic. 2) Not at this time. Although, read-only users can only see the read-only key. 3) Currently sharing (meaning online) clients and folder show up on the Win client under 'devices' however it doesn't specify if they have full-access, read-only, or encrypted secrets being used. The linux webUI lists active clients under each folder. 4) Not at this time. Again take a look at the feature requests and add your vote to those items you would like to see implemented. You can also use the btsync log but will have to parse to see relevant results.
  17. From looking at your screenshot I would guess BTsync is using the relay server to transfer data (as evidenced by the small cloud icon). That would explain the extra connections as well. This only typically occurs when your devices can't communicate due to firewall restrictions. For the moment you can manually disable relay-server traffic by removing the option from the advanced preferences page on each synced folder. I highly recommend you enable the tracker and match this to maximize your chances of obtaining direct connections. The 'tracker' does not transfer data between devices like the 'relay' does, it only facilitates the connection directly between devices. If that doesn't work you can always move to using pre-defined hosts. If that still doesn't work definitely wait for tuxpoldo as he is the definitive PRO in this area.
  18. If it's the same secret between all 3 setups then all 3 will exchange data with each other and remain synchronized. This is on purpose. The btsync protocol figures out the fastest way of distributing the data in chunks across all devices. The whole point of using BTsync is for all devices to exchange data with each other. In your scenario, what if A suddenly goes offline? At least with all 3 running the same sync B and C will exchange data, then share that when A comes back online. If you MUST have it in a V-shape then uncheck relay/tracker/DHT (rightclick share -> folder info -> preperties) on each device and only use predefined hosts. Then you can set it so B only talks to A. And C only talks to A. But A talks to both others.
  19. Well, you might have to figure out if it works for you, but you can do nested shares. I'm still not sure why you wouldn't want them all to sync with each other. It might help to know your exact use scenario. Master Folder A (shared between A and B with secret, but WILL NOT sync sub-folder B ) -->Sub-folder A -->Sub-folder B (shared between B and C with different secret ) -->Sub-folder C The key is adding a .SyncIgnore exception in the master folder excluding sub-folder B.
  20. You can certainly add the android device © to that share. Just add it using the same read-only secret that you added to computer B. The whole point of BTsync is that you can have a (nearly) unlimited number of devices all sharing the same data using only secrets as the key. so: Computer A: Full access key ASKJKDUJA.....ASIJUNAI - add this same secret to ANY number of devices you want to be able to add/modify files in the share. Computer B&C (in your case): Read-only access key BKDJANFEKJNEG..KAJBNGEKJ - add this same secret to as many devices as you would like that should only have read level access to the share. Including Android/iOS. In the case above, ALL devices whether using full-access or read-only see the same files. And yes, all devices sync data with each other. Including read-only. One massive distributed distribution network.
  21. If you are UPDATING a file the changes are all incremental. The file is not deleted until the changed parts are received, then the file is updated. A backup (versioned) copy is created in the .SyncArchive folder. Same with name changes on a file. However if you MOVE a file from one location (eg folder) to another on the master the file is first deleted on other clients, then is created anew in the new location. Some developer feel free to correct me but after almost a year of using this software these are the file changes I see on a daily basis.
  22. There is certainly a way to do this (via a workaround). Please see the following post and discussion by Roman The instructions are for android but should work similar for the desktop client.
  23. A generated one-time secret can be either for "Full Access" or "Read Only" and will give the recipient ongoing access to a sync folder. "Full Access" being full two-way sync, "Read only" is pretty self-evident. When the recipient inputs the one-time secret into BTsync it will convert to a regular secret (not one time) in the btsync interface. Scenario: I have a recipient I would like to give read-only access to a folder, but the only way I can transmit the secret is via email (or text or whatever, just not 'in person'). The real read only secret: ERSV......(long hash here)..............Q54 The one time secret will be: CV4..........(short hash).......Q6 After recipient inputs into desination machine they see: ERSV.....etc After 24 hours that one time secret is no longer valid for use. Very handy if your email was hacked and someone gains access to that secret you sent via email.
  24. I would highly recommend building your own VPS with Backupsy. You can pick locations in the Netherlands or the UK if you prefer to not to have your data passing through the USA. It fully supports btsync and you can use your own encrypted read-only secrets, so not even Backupsy can see what you're storing. I picked up my VPS there when they were having a sale on lowendbox. I think I pay $5/mo for 250GB storage. It's unmanaged, so it's great as long as you're confident enough to install/configure all the packages you'll need. Instructions for making "Encrypted Read-Only" secrets (without the API): There are two threads in the forum for installing on Linux by tuxpoldo who maintains a very easy to use and install package. Just pick which version suits you best.
  25. Thank you so much for these packages! Running perfectly on a raspberry pi.