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  1. today is released the free and pro version and the request of a default ignorelist rules have not been taken in account... it's a little bit disappointing...
  2. I had a "myexcelfile.xlsm", and now I only have a "myexcelfile.xlsm.!sync" in both pc's. The original file was erased in both and I can't open the !sync file. I'm using the 1.3.67 version of BitTorrent Sync. How can I the recover the original file? Please help, I do need this file
  3. Thank you GreatMarko. The solution was as you suggested. There is no .GeneralSyncIgnore file? it would be usefull if you can have a customization in that sense at the bittorrent frame.
  4. This is the problem description: 1) open a file in excel, for example (myfile.xlsx) 2) when you open the file, (~$myfile.xlsx) temp file is created by default 3) the syncing creates also a file (~$myfile.xlsx.!sync) 4) in excel, save the file as (my2file.xlsx) 5) both (myfile.xlsx) and (my2file.xlsx) are synced, but the (~$myfile.xlsx.!sync) stays. If you modify a large number of microsoft office files, then you will forget that all this trash files are created.
  5. I'm currently using the 1.0.116 and the new version window is displayed. When I click "Yes" to download the new 1.0.134 an error window is displayed that says "unable to start updater process! Please download the newest version manually on..." etc etc. Of course manually it can be done, but it is supose to work automatically I think... It happens to me in windows 7 and 8. Sugestions?