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  1. Has anyone else installed BTSync on their server? The web gui doesn't use SSL. Is there a way to accomplish this? Are my folder secrets being transferred via plain text (http)?
  2. I share my local WAMP folder, so I can continue working on projects on different machines without having to push/pull all the time. Just a local repo which stays up to date with BTSync
  3. First off, thank you for this great software. Wish 1: better indication of which folders are synced (maybe a BTSync icon over the folder in the filesystem, similar to dropbox or Tortoise/Hg) Wish 2: information about which machines are "subscribed" to folders. Perhaps listed out in the "Shared Folders" tab. For instance: | path: C:\wamp\www | size: 188k in 10 files | shared with: troy-laptop, work-133, toms-Computer, +10 more |
  4. Can't you just create a repository of your choice in a folder and version files with that? e.g. use Mercurial or Git, create a repo and then BTSync it (the entire repository+files). The repository and it's history will be synced the same as other files, keeping it up to date on different devices. I'm doing this now with several folders/projects and seems to work well.