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  1. When you do that, do you find that the slaves overwrite changes from the master over time?
  2. I'd like to add my use case, as well. One-way, constant syncing (which I like to think of as file push) is an ideal solution for me. I have a set of directories on a server, which are updated (at least) daily. The directories contain up-to-date supplier information, which is then forwarded out to multiple locations. There is one directory per location, as the content for each location is different. The remote locations use a local client to browse the supplier information. I want to be able to push file updates out to my remote locations. I do not want any changes to those files to be synced back to my server. The flow of files is always one-way, i.e., Supplier --> Me --> Stores. I'd like to be able to do this on a schedule, or whenever the directories on my server are updated with the latest set of files (the latter would be preferrable). I also have a similar need for pushing files out to point-of-sale systems. The current solution is scheduled FTP jobs, which are far less elegant, and prone to failure. Once again, the flow of files is one-way. BT Sync could be perfect for these applications.