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  1. I also get the *** glibc detected *** ./btsync: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0090a8a8 *** Aborted errors.
  2. It is understandable that the dev team is unwilling to release the source code, as there is a company behind BTsync, trying to keep an advantage over the competition. We will consequently never have certainty that there is no NSA backdoor. Still a "whitepaper" giving some insights on the way keys and encryption are managed might help trusting BTSync a little bit more.
  3. Is there any way to further reduce the memory consumption? The btsync process constantly swaps ("trashing") on a NAS with 16MB RAM and ca.120k files...
  4. ...I also get "SyncFolder: max number of torrents reached (114)"
  5. ...I get a zillion of these with .22. What does it mean?
  6. ..ok, I can finally see the files. It just took them around 2h to show up in the Android client.
  7. Yes, I can see it on the Linux web interface (as a connected device).
  8. I cannot even see any files to click on.
  9. Both, the Linux client and the Android client "see" each other. That is, the phone appears in the Linux web interface, and the Linux client appears in the Android app as connected device. However, the sync does not start. The Android app just repeats D/BtSync - PreferencesManager( 5182): isBatteryEnabled true batteryPercent = 82 getListenBatteryValue = 15 D/BTSync - IPUtils( 5182): wifi is connected D/BtSync - PreferencesManager( 5182): enableTraffic battery = true cellular = true D/BtSync - PreferencesManager( 5182): isBatteryEnabled true batteryPercent = 82 getListenBatteryValue = 15 D/BT
  10. I have the exact same symptoms, 100% CPU and those ping in the log file.
  11. That's certainly great news -- however, do you know whether it will still be linear in the number of files, though? This renders btsync a little bit obese for all those (embedded) NAS.
  12. The problem is the huge amount of memory required by the current version of the client. On startup, btsync processes immeadiately consume 256MB of swap, and I guess the processes are constantly swapping/trashing. Without activating swap, btsync just crashes.