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  1. I didn't get very far with the initial indexing and had to start over. I was somewhere in the the 700k of files indexed and BTSync started throwing memory errors. I decided to break down the syncing of two main folders instead. I am currently syncing the first one. It seemed like I should let BTSync index and then sync after the completion of the initial indexing since doing both for such a large amount of files was going extremely slow. Things I am noticing are about 5% max of my gigabit network per each 12 to 75Mb file or about 1.5MB/s with lan encryption off and TCP on. In Window 7 Processes, STSync.exe is using about 400k of memory. Is that normal?
  2. I would like to use the speed of the local gigabit network to one way backup my photography files from one Drobo to another. After the initial sync, can I attach the 2nd Drobo offsite to another computer with the same one way key? Will the sending computer see the already transfered files and leave them, only updating new files, or will it attempt to overwrite? This is about 4 terabytes of raw files and edits I would like to have a offsite backup of. Thanks, Scott