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  1. On MacOS 10.12 Public Betas (currently PB 5) this seems to have fixed the high CPU use issue (>100%) using 2.3.x. Now idles properly on my MacBook Pro (currently seems to be 1-3%). Have not yet tried it on my Macs running 10.9-10.11.
  2. Quite sure as the app that created the file is quit at the end of the day. It is a Carbon app (Mac OS X) so I am wondering if there is something going on there. Also it is only one (or once two) files that this happens to out of a dozen or more that are otherwise equivalent. Is there a tool I can use to see if the file is open/locked/in use?
  3. I use BT Sync (up to date with 2.1.1 on Mac OS X) for syncing my lab data. Data files are created on my lab computer (typically 20-50 files in a day), all in one folder for the day's experiments. The lab data is then sync'ed to my Univ Office, home office and laptop. Yesterday and today, Sync has missed *one* file. I can't see any pattern, and all the other files seem fine. Up to now the BT Sync coordination has been very reliable, but this has me worried about losing data (I do also have regular Time Machine backups on all these computers). Is there something I can do to track down the pr
  4. I used Sync to work on files between my 3 Macs (Office, Lab, Home). As of yesterday Sync crashes shortly (~30 seconds) after launch on my Mac OS X systems (2 on 10.9.2, 1 on 10.8.5). The only recent change had been installing the latest security update from Apple on 2 systems, but was not yet done on the 3rd. I have attached the crash log from one system below: Process: BitTorrent Sync [425]Path: /Applications/BitTorrent SyncIdentifier: com.bittorrent.SyncVersion: 1.3.94 (1.3.94)Code Type: X86 (Native)Parent Process: l
  5. Would it be possible to have support for Mac OS file Type/Creator codes to be retained when syncing between two Mac OS computers? Many of my Mac files are shown as generic files, and it is fussy to have to re-associate them with the correct file types to open them.