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  1. Perfect! That solved the problem! I agree it's better to change the output to 1..12 Just finding those itchy files was a bit of work.. Especially since the reference- File i created for that purpose blocked BTsync - well, it's mod-date was 0.. Just in case someone needs the procedure (linux shell): touch cmp -d @0 find /.../yoursyncfolder -not -newer cmp #see what we have find /.../yoursyncfolder -not -newer cmp -exec touch -d @631148401 {} \; #touch every of them- the number stands for 1.1.1990 #IMPORTANT: rm cmp #otherwise this very file might cause exactly the problem you try to solve #Personaly I didn't want to wait for the next reindexing, so i killed/restarted BTsync- but I assume it would work without that either..
  2. I have now checked all three Computers I am using BTsync with: All of them (Raspi with ARCH, Thinkpad430 witch Arch_x64 and Workstation with Ubuntu12.04_i386 are configured in timezone CEST, all of them use NTP, all have correct date (and time). But all have log-entries suggesting it was May. I guess this is in fact related to my real problem (not syncing) My guess is testing btsync on any computer with linux and CEST will show the same, wrong date in logs. (Any feedback from Users with that setup would be helpful here.)
  3. Thanks, but I don't think so.. See the exact command I gave for the log: To ensure it is with no doubt clear i had the current date print out AND (&&) immediatly after show the most recent lines in the log. AND, i checked my logs on an other computer as well- also there the log shows 05.. That one does have an RTC and all files it produces are - by default - dated 22nd of june.. Antother Detail: My timezone is (currently) CEST. But I do not sync between any time-zones (so far..)
  4. Hi! I checked this twice before I posted, it is still to strange to be real: me@myRaspberry:/home/me/.sync# date && tail sync.log Sat Jun 22 14:45:24 CEST 2013 [20130522 14:44:44.609] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:44:44.610] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting [20130522 14:44:54.447] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:44:54.447] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting [20130522 14:45:04.667] SyncFileEntry: got dictionary with bad time 1371893371 0 [20130522 14:45:04.668] Merge: failed to construct file entry received from remote, aborting So what? Well, obviously we have the 22nd of june. And as we can see btsync is up and running, doing as well as it can. But it reports strange problems with a "bad time"- well, indeed it reports those problems one month in the past, that is the 22nd of _MAY_.. Raspi has no RTC, that COULD be related to this, but as you see it IS in sync and it WAS in sync 2 minutes earlier to the occurence of the last log lines Might or might not be related. I don't even care to much about the wrong log-date (sure you'll fix it in coming releases) but I DO care about the bad time, as it seems to prevent my share to sync. As far as I can tell no strange data (datetime) occurs in the source- directory, even more sure it doesn't in the destination- so called since it is readOnly and used for backup only.. Oh, I forgot: Raspi is ARM, Version is 1.1.15. Any feedback is appreciated, Rudi
  5. Happens to me too. Hard to say wether there is still something to be done or not. I also keep getting "Merge: found local node without file" - not sure this is related. Most of my shares are RO- for backup. But even a fully shared directory within three clients get's "out of sync" - while it indeed IS in Sync.. Is btsync listening sniffing some io-information - and therefore missing updates while it is not running? However- love the idea but am currently strugling with those wrong stats..