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  1. There have been a few threads on having a MIPS port. I'd be willing to take any limitation (such as minimum CPU/Memory) since this would only run on a modern dual core router (most new AC routers run Broadcomm 2x800 chips and 128-256MB memory). I've run btsync on an old 1x1GHz / 128MB Seagate goflex ARM without problem. Limiting to a 3.x kernel will help with the ulibc issues - anything running 2.6 is probably an OEM firmware on an outdated platform A raw binary is fine as well since dealing with the router package managers is more work and dd-wrt/openwrt allow scripts during startup. If you supply the base binary, the community can deal with deployment issues
  2. It would be very helpful if there were more details on how to use the config file and VERY helpful if the UI generated JSON config instead of whatever format it stores its config in. That way people could set up in the UI and then use that file with whatever other minor tweaks they want as they turn it into an official service on their NAS or PC Also, can you make directory ownership / key tying a little cleaner. While evaluating you first create RW shares and then often end up creating RO to test out that feature for master -> slave sync. However, btsync will happily keep running even if the folder ownership is no longer correct. It took a while to realized this error was in btsync.log Error while adding folder /share/HDA_DATA/test: Destination folder cannot be identified. Would you like to reset ownership? How do you fix that err w/o having to rm -rf the original folder? I removed everything because it was a small test folder, but if there is a better way, include that in the docs