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  1. Hi christian, thank you for the code and your PM. Well, when the btsync service is stopped the disks obviously can go to sleep - but that's not a solution. I actually testet it: stopping the service makes the disks sleep again. BTSync can only work when at least two parties are online, so it is a *must* for btsync to run 24/7 in order to be able to recognize changes in the data of other parties. Peter
  2. Hi all, I guess this not a hot topic, because everybody is happy that "it just syncs" -- and that's all right. I'd be happy with that if this was an issue tracker and I'd knew my change-request would not get lost. But I don't get the feeling, that in forseable future anyone would remember this posting. So besides any clarification on the .SyncID-File I'd be interested in a Issue Tracker to post this change-request. Regards, Peter
  3. Hi Guys! Heads up for such a wonderful sync-technique, it almost feels like finally the 21st century is knocking on the doors. I did set up btsync 1.0.134 ARM version on a Synology DS413j and it works like a charm. There's one issue though: The btsync app reads/writes the .SyncID file every ~5 Seconds which inhibits the harddisks from going to hibernation. This is reported from the hibernation debug log: May 25 20:41:47 kernel: [2959743.330000] [/volume1/data/BTSync/.SyncID] opened by pid 9971 [u:(/usr/local/btsync/bin/btsync), comm:(btsync)] May 25 20:41:52 kernel: [2959748.330000] [/volume