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  1. I wish the forum would include a working unsubscribe link so I can get out from this list Some comments about what the project will bring for the future from the developers won't hurt
  2. I am syncing a complete offsite backup from my Synology DS1513+ to an external hard drive I sent to my dad and he connected to his computer (11.000 KM away . This way I get an offsite backup and he gets to have the files I want to backup if he wants to use them too. It would be great to have an official Bittorrent Sync client for Synology NAS and to be able to sync subfolders of a shared folder. Then the app would 100% perfect.
  3. Hi guys, one question if I share a master Folder A and I have subfolders inside A1 A2 A3. If I first choose to sync A, and after some minutes I decided to share A1 because I wanted to share this particular folder with another person. The problem is that at this moment I received a question "Destination folder cannot be identified. Would you like to reset ownership?" Should I do it or this will cancel the syncing of folder A? If this is not possible, when do you think I would be able to sync this again? Thanks for your feedback
  4. I love the app and how people all over the world is using it for a lot of things. I really would like to see something that would allow us to sync subfolders of a main folder that is already shared. I understand this is called nested folders. For example I am making a full offsite backup of my pictures to my dads house, but then if I want to share some subfolders only with some friends I cant because I receive a message saying: this folder cannot be added to bittorrent sync as it is part of a folder that is already syncing. If this is incorporated to the app it would be really AMAZING. Also a simple way to manage our shares and to be able to list all our shares together with the read only pass keys or the read and write pass keys would be great. Maybe being able to export them all to a CSV so we can import it to an excel sheet or a google spreadsheet would save us a lot of time to manage our shares and share several shares at the same time with friends and family. Another nice thing would be to be able to add a third option of sharing with the possibility to limit the amount of bandwidth that is going to be used when that password is used Thank you! A MILLION TIMES!
  5. I really hope we can see this soon, as it is something I would use a lot! Thanks for such a beautiful product!
  6. Hi! I love the idea of what BitTorrent Sync represents and I`ve been testing it for a while now. I am starting to sync some folder in my PC with some family members. To explain the problem let me use the following example: I have a folder called: "Pictures" and I have inside that folders several other folders for example "Canada" and "Europe". I shared the folder "Europe" with my uncle, and today I wanted to share the folder "Pictures" with my dad. But I receive an error message: This folder cannot be added to BitTorrent Sync. It contains a folder that is already syncing. I believe this is called Nested Folders and it seems Sync doesn't support it unfortunately I was really surprised to receive this error. Is there a workaround to prevent this from happening so I can Sync specific folders with some friends and family and root folders with other people? Any idea when this would be natively supported by Sync? Thanks in advance for your guidance on this! Fernando
  7. I just found out about BitTorrent Sync and am testing it with a very nice initial impression. I find that there are some things that would be great to be able to have: 1) Progress Bar: It would be nice to have a better progress bar, maybe a graphic one would work. 2) Easy Sharing and notifier: It would be amazing if you could implement a way where the other person could easily accept folder you share with them. Maybe just the possibility to send an email from within the system with the private key embedded on a special link that only BitTorrent Sync could open? This together with a short message that the user could send. Eventually the user could actually configure its SMTP parameters to send emails from within the application for example. Or the application could use an own internal messaging system too. Another alternative is that the application could just prepare the message and we just copy paste it in our email platform so that the other person could see it. I think about this simple message system where the user could actually define what to include on the message for example with check box on an area called "Prepare Message to Share" and the user checks: a) Personalized Message. Folder Name. c) The structure and file names of the folder being shared or at least the first 2 levels of it or snapshot only showing the 10 first files and folders. d) Link type: Read Only, Full. e) Proprietary Link. Then the Sync client would prepare (or send) a message like this: --------------------------------------------- Hi! user (email address) want to share the following folder through BitTorrent Sync with you: Message: Hi! I wanted to share with you my pics from the holidays this year. Folder Name: Alan´s Holiday Pics 2012 Files and Folders: Aruba, Cancun, Cuba, St. Martin Type of Share: Read only BitTorrent Sync Link: btSync:\\"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (Click on the link or copy and paste this private key into your BitTorrent Sync client. --------------------------------------------- Of course this all would be better with a centralized server managing the sharing but I am thinking on a solution that would require no server handling this type of requirements. If this message system is incorporated within the application we could have a "Friends List" which would be needed to validate that they can connect between the two BitTorrent Sync installations and then send between themselves direct messages. I wouldn't know how this friends list could be backed up...and the keys of shared files also...Just thinking out loud here 3) Friendly names and ordering: It would be great if I could rename the device´s name or add a description to it. Also grouping shares shared with devices with a Tree menu and (+) sign beside it would help organize when sharing a lot of files. 4) Right click and share: Windows Explorer/Mac integration, for example if by right clicking on a folder we could "Share on BitTTorrent" without having to look for the folder within the application. 5) Share a Container and automatically everything on it: A nice functionality would be that the app would allow us to share a "Container" this would mean that a certain path is shared, and then if we just place shortcuts to other folders and files these items will be added to be Synced within the Container. A little how Copy.com works but without the centralized online storage. This would be much easier for when there a lot of files and folders to be shared. 6) Auto Push between friends: When two devices establish a trusted relationship it would be great if between them everything could be "pushed" automatically without having to enter manually each sharing key. 7) Wishlist Improvement: The implementation of a Dropbox VoteBox or UserVoice or UserEcho platform so that people could easily support other people´s ideas and order them by most requested, etc. Would be great to gather feedback on what the users want. I understand ZenDesk also offers this type of functionality plus the forums. There is also a nice Theme from AppThemes called Ideas that would allow you to do this at low costs. 8) Cross Encypted Space Sharing with friends: CrashPlan is offering a nice functionality besides the backing up to their cloud. You can actually encrypt your files and store them in a repository of files offered by a friend. This would be something nice to see, and BiTtorent could encrypt totally filenames and content so the other party just "lends" you a part of their hard drive for your backups. Your system could monitor that those backups are still there every X time just for your own sanity. 9) Selective Syncing: When someone shares a big folder with a lot of files to me, I would like to be able to mark check boxes to the files and folders I want to sync and keep updated when they change. 10) Selective Pausing: Ability to pause all transfers with a specific friend/computer. For now these are some things I can think of, keep up the beautiful work you are doing and please don't start charging for peer to peer syncing. It would be nice to be able to eventually add some online storage or unlimited storage with syncing, logically fully encrypted for a super friendly price like BitCasa is offering (Unlimited for USD 10 a month). Thanks again! Fernando
  8. Let me add to this (which I fully support) that at all times all content synced has to be end to end encrypted without anybody in the world to ever be able to see file name, folder name or content unless you are one of the receivers of the share. Security is crucial at this times... PS: Cubby´s decision was so lame, and also AeroFS charging USD 10 per syncing device without offering any online storage, are they crazy??? BitCasa is offering unlimited end to end client encrypted storage for USD 10 per month, but they dont have Syncing for now...