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  1. @rebeccazoly, Long Path Tool seems to be Windows only and probably wouldn't help my case anyways, but thanks for the info. @Lightning, thx, a dev just announced that this problem (the problem with UNC paths on Windows) will be fixed in the "next versions" (although, I wonder how):
  2. @rdebath, thanks for the explanation. Makes perfect sense now. Are you aware of any temporary workaround (different filesystem that supports longer filenames or some way to tell encfs to produce shorter filenames)? Also, is there any indication from the devs that they would change the sync mechanisms to what you proposed in the post above?
  3. Here is a compressed version of the log file (uncompressed size: 135 MB) and a screenshot of the web interface. Log file (xz compressed): https://s3.amazonaws...sync.log.tar.xz
  4. I'm using btsync (1.0.134) on 3 linux machines (32 and 64 bit Ubuntu and 32 bit Debian wheezy) and am experiencing sync issues with long file names. In order to provide enough security to store my data on untrusted hosts, I use encfs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EncFS) to encrypt my files. Unfortunately, encfs creates very long file names, for example /home/ifoo/.encrypted/Documents/0ZmxrOATx4YgPC5jBr4gRkKU/-VljqWC1rAVUjB9GnB,iaBRY/3NeHN3GTSu5BSe9k9kKE1,T-/hYMaULYtXDVXkWcjRU1Y954D/x,u0qWitYS9Xl1E-mjxjzKMpi,XdoikblNSE0kJVDMKEkDvShNXVvgWmJTBUl6IzSzq1JmAPbBmcHc6Tx39Ao9dYvaatj890Q-HFooH,u,aE-wX-UZmWQlJKPdBZyRJJjvwlNErjSjPoE-Ppj9RQsLOz is a single file name. It looks like btsync can not handle such long file names. Here is an entry from the log file: [20130426 15:43:08] Error opening "/home/ifoo/.encrypted/Documents/0ZmxrOATx4YgPC5jBr4gRkKU/-VljqWC1rAVUjB9GnB,iaBRY/3NeHN3GTSu5BSe9k9kKE1,T-/hYMaULYtXDVXkWcjRU1Y954D/x,u0qWitYS9Xl1E-mjxjzKMpi,XdoikblNSE0kJVDMKEkDvShNXVvgWmJTBUl6IzSzq1JmAPbBmcHc6Tx39Ao9dYvaatj890Q-HFooH,u,aE-wX-UZmWQlJKPdBZyRJJjvwlNErjSjPoE-Ppj9RQsLOz.!sync": [20130426 15:43:08] Error: x,u0qWitYS9Xl1E-mjxjzKMpi,XdoikblNSE0kJVDMKEkDvShNXVvgWmJTBUl6IzSzq1JmAPbBmcHc6Tx39Ao9dYvaatj890Q-HFooH,u,aE-wX-UZmWQlJKPdBZyRJJjvwlNErjSjPoE-Ppj9RQsLOz - WriteToDisk: File name too long The web-ui is downloading everything except for the last 4.2 megabytes (which I assume is the blocksize of the torrent entries) and shows constant network traffic (221.3 kB/s up, 0.2 kB/s down). @devs: My log file is 100mb+ so I provided just a single line. If you need more information, I am happy to upload the file somewhere. (see next post)