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  1. @knireis, thanks for the reply.  I thought I had found them all there was to find, but was surprised that the .sync folder was in /home/user/Download, rather than with the others in /home/user folder, where most user-accessible .folders take up residence.


    @nop: Many, MANY thanks for introducing me to the find command -- way faster than searching with Nautilus or Nemo.  Ever cautious, I only used your commands up to the "-type [f][d]" until I was familiar with what you were asking me to do.  Each command brought up many references to the search item in lines that produced "Permission denied" responses.  But rediirecting all the output to a text file brought up exactly -- and only -- what I was searching for, either directory or file.


    We can mark this thread SOLVED.  Thank you!

  2. I'm in the process of switching most of our home Ubuntu (12.04.3) machines over to Linux Mint 16, primarliy so I don't have to hear the fans spin up so much.  (I like Ubuntu, and even Unity, but the Unity interface needs to go on a diet. Under Mint/Cinammon 2 the fans rarely spin up, and the load averages are lower.)  The changeover has gone pretty smoothly, thanks to separate /home partitions...


    ...but on one machine, some "old" BitTorrent Sync (hereinafter BTS) files, hidden somewhere, are giving me fits.  It was the first machine on which I installed BTS, and the only one on which I installed it with passwords. The reinstall under Linux Mint "remembers" that it's supposed to have a password; but it's not the password LastPass remembers (and I never changed it).


    So I'm guessing that unless I can completely uninstall BTS, removing every reference to it, I don't see how I can get a good, unencumbered install.  And, shades of Murphy's Law, all the important Sync-able files find their home on this machine.  It figures!


    While I'm open to getting help from and anyone and everyone, I'm betting (based on his other posts) that @tuxpoldo will have a quick fix for this.


    Thanks in advance!