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  1. Hi, I'm having issues with 1.3.105 and the previous version with Mac clients regularly crashing (multiple times per day). This started in the last couple of versions and isn't happening with my linux clients. Setup: 4 macs (all 10.9.3), 2 linux servers (CentOS 6.5) I've attached links to crash dumps from 2 of my macs from today. Thanks, Darren https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ylpn8obmyy6do5/btsync-crash-oldmbp.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4vvkfi9uc6hopw/btsync-crash-macmini.pdf
  2. I have/had something similar - does it 'fix' the issue if you disable tracker & relay server options?
  3. Linux client back on 1.2.92 and OSX clients on 1.3.77 FURTHER EDIT: After doing some tcpdumps I noticed most of my traffic was UDP and I was getting a mix of internal and external IP addresses even though all clients are on the same network. Disabling 'Use relay server when required' and 'Use tracker server' on all clients seems to have switched things to tcp and I'm only seeing each device once in the lists with 1.3.77 on all clients.
  4. Still seeing issues with my linux client - other clients on the network (OSX & Windows) see the linux client 3 times. The linux client see's the other clients on the network along with itself listed in devices twice. I can 'fix' this behaviour by disabling the 'Use relay server when required' and 'Use tracker server' options for each folder on the linux client. EDIT: even with those options disabled the OSX clients are still seeing the linux client (rupert) 3 times although the linux client no longer sees itself.
  5. Confirmed - I was also seeing this amongst other issues on my linux client.
  6. If I turn off tracker server and relay server on the linux client I only see one entry in other devices and the linux client no longer see's itself twice as an available device and works as expected.
  7. Updated my OSX & windows clients to 1.3.67 with no issues so far. My linux (CentOS 6.5) client advertises itself twice to the network (including itself as a hostname and ip address in the devices list!) in the list of devices & also regularly crashes.
  8. I use 'pwgen' - specifically 'pwgen 100 1' # pwgen 100 1phohraequet2yaej9ihe3gaeghoh9Aerudei6ceike8hi5wei5xu2UTahkieL1TaxaeNgieloyaequooP5eel9foi0Igai9Thai2
  9. Count me in... iPad 3 64GB 4G iPhone 4 HTC OneX+ HTC OneX Subscribed to both links.
  10. I'm doing this - I use to have Dropbox running on all my computers (3 MacBook Pro, 1 iMac, 1 Linux Server, 1 Windows Server) but have now retired this configuration. Dropbox only runs on the Linux server now alongside BTSync which now syncs my Dropbox folder to my other computers and seems to be working well so far (about 6GB data).