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  1. my btsync is up to date ! Thanks puppe!!! it was so simple !
  2. Thanks Puppe :) But where can I get the new binary? sorry for my stupid question. I went back to the first link above but still the same version. thanks for your help B.
  3. Hi, version 1.1.48 is now available (not now now :-) ). How can I update it on my Qnap? Should I redo the all thing? Thanks B.
  4. Thanks puppe for your tutorial. I have a TS-259Pro and did follow successfully your step until ./ which returned me the following error: Building packages ./ /usr/bin/qbuild: /bin/bash: bad interpreter: No such file or directory Done Then after a few research I found this: source I did follow his instructions: [~] # cd /bin [/bin] # ln -s sh /bin/bash And voila, I'm all set it works pretty well ! thanks again to you, the forum and btsync!