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  1. I have some files synced between my laptop, desktop, and soon will be hooking up my Raspberry Pi as well to have another backup. My question is, at this point, is there a solution (third party or otherwise) that would allow me to setup a networked drive of sorts? For example, I have some ~300 GB of ripped movies attached to a computer hooked up to a ~500mbps network (so, sending and receiving files is *fast*). The problem is, my Macbook Air only has 128 GB of space total-- obviously not enough to sync all of the movies. However, Bitcasa, for example, works as a network drive and doesn't actually store the files on your device with their "infinite drive" feature. They appear in Finder (or Windows Explorer, for Windows users), and the files are transferred over the network and streamed to my laptop when I want them. The files are also cached on my laptop, up to a limit. Also, another use case is if I want to "loan" my collection of movies to a friend. I could send them a read-only (and even temporary) secret and let them stream from my collection. It'd be great to have a P2P/self hosted alternative to Bitcasa's networked "infinite drive" features, and BT Sync seems like it'd be a great app for this.