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  1. I wish you could schedule upload bandwidth usage. If you've ever used uTorrent, it handles this nicely. The GUI they use for scheduling is perfect, with the colored boxes you click on. After a certain hour, say 5PM, I wish to increase upload bandwidth available to BTSync. During business hours, reduce it. A few of my clients are schools and have a paltry 128kbps upload cap (free "municipal" cable internet provided by Time Warner to schools). I would like to max that out at night or sometimes I have issues getting all their data to sync within a 24 hour period. Eventually on a day they don't cr
  2. I use the read-only function, and I would also expect the read-only member to receive a new copy from the 'source' host. I would expect read-only to be akin to a "one-way' sync. If I delete a file, I would want it re-created.
  3. * File versioning (I know it's planned) * an option to automatically upgrade the client
  4. Using v1.0.134, and syncing around 30 folders containing a total of 200,000 files my BT Sync has started to hang. It does it every time now. Memory usage peaks at startup (1.2GB-1.5GB) then settles down to 800-900MB. I run BT Sync on one machine using read-only keys from client machines each having a few shares. Total about 10 machines, 30 shares. Force-closing the hung app has led to some of my peers' data files being renamed to .!sync and I believe in one case it even deleted one of my Quickbooks files. I am 99% certain it was BT Sync. Some of the other QB files had the .!sync as well. I tr