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  1. I use Btsync for Android and try to find a way to Backup the photos from my android device to my local raspberry pi device. On my Raspberry I use an older version of Btsync (1.1.82). Does it even work with the new secrets?
  2. Ok, I found this interesting thread: : "Sync splits file to 4Mb chunks, if one chunk was changed - it will be transferred. It works well on files that doesn't change the size, for example TrueCrypt volume. If you add one byte in front of the file, all chunks will be shifted and Sync will not be able to detect shifted data."So it seems, Sync has to transfer the whole file all over someone adds something and so changes the file size.
  3. Thanks! Ok, so I'm going to read on offsets and chunks. Any recommendation?
  4. Do I get this right: I have a 10 Gbyte file and change it a bit so it is 11 GByte now. Does Btsync sync the whole file (11 GByte) or just the changed chunks (1 GByte)?