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  1. It's why i prefer a bouton "change user". For uninstall... you have to search what folder to erase.
  2. The trouble is if i sync Computer A & Computer B with a folder called "pictures" and sync Computer C & Computer D with a folder called "pictures". I get 2 times "pictures" in the folder list of btsync client. It would be good to add an alias.
  3. Yes it's what i've done. Not very happy with this 2.0 Why no button "change user" ?
  4. I made mistake in User Name when installing 2.0 update. How can i can change it ?
  5. Feature Request : Generate Links with the key witch open the app. (like e2dk:// links). For faster and easier adding new keys.
  6. +1. The easier it is to make sync work with no attention, the better.
  7. I'm also waiting for same feature: BT Sync Acting as a "Network" Drive (with local cache). This is for notebook, because we can't have lot's of drive in notebook, and with SSD, there is less space, i don't know bitcasa, but Wuala as this feature.