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  1. "Copy ReadOnly Secret" menu when doing a right click on a folder please
  2. I upgrade from 1.0.134 and lost all my sync folders ! When I stopped it and restarted it, it asked to upgrade to 1.0.135 and then ask to upgrade to 1.1.27 and when it started it up, there was no longer any folders in my Folders tab. Is there any way to retrieve the setup that was made before ? It is going to be a real pain to setup it up again as i have to change all secret from all computers I have !!! I was running it on a Windows 2003 SBS
  3. anybody having the same issue ? a few files that are blocked which prevent the other files to be sync over ?
  4. This does not explain the behavior i have on my side then. I have one server ( Server A) which has a folder I want to sync to a remote server (Server B ) . I have installed BtSync on both servers. On Server A i have added the folder I want to sync. On Server B, I have added a folder and put the read only secret I got from Server A. Why do I get some !sync files on Server A? there should never be a transfer from Server B to Server A. I expect only a one way feed from Server A to Server B. PS : that would be great to have on the right click menu a direct link to Copy Read Only Secret : right no
  5. May be I misunderstood how those !sync files are used. I had a feeling it was a file "added" during the transfer and that are removed at the end. (I had from time to time some of them staying inside my folder for some reasons and that I simple delete). If this is not that, then can you re-explain how this works? My idea was to create those file under a predefined folder. No need to create the entire folder structure and in regards if two files have the exact name (this can happened of course), you can create a filename with a unique id for example (you generate somehow) and inside the file st
  6. Sure ! Start the master and the problem should be solved
  7. Those files will be released at some points during the day... BtSync should not block the entire sync process just because three files are blocked... It should continue and then keep retrying those files later... If I have 10000 files to sync and the first 3 are blocking, I still prefer to have 9997 files sync instead of nothing !
  8. I am sure others can have the same issue than me, those !sync file should not polluate the monitored folder... Can you not create then somewhere else in a predefined folder ?
  9. any person with that issue of having !sync file created under the monitored folder ?
  10. I just found an example of this issue in my today's log : [2013-06-13 16:02:12] LoadTorrent: requesting to load file _JIRA_\_DEV_\JIRA_DATA\monitor\ConnectionPoolGraph.rrd4j which is busy on disk - rejecting until file info is updated [2013-06-13 16:02:12] LoadTorrent: requesting to load file _JIRA_\_SALES2_\JIRA_DATA\monitor\DatabaseReadWritesGraph.rrd4j which is busy on disk - rejecting until file info is updated [2013-06-13 16:02:12] LoadTorrent: requesting to load file _JIRA_\_DEV_\JIRA_DATA\monitor\DatabaseReadWritesGraph.rrd4j which is busy on disk - rejecting until file info is updated
  11. While syncing a folder (8gb) , i realized that the process was only syncing part of the data : I only received 1gb on the other server. On the debug log (i do not have it anymore sorry), there was some errors in regards to some files that were blocked/could not access which was indeed the case as the folder was being used by an application that sometimes writes into file with the exclusive mode (=meaning you cannot even copy the file or open it so i am sure BtSync could not access them as well). The log was showing BTSync retrying those files regularly. The issue i have is even if a few files
  12. If I have only used a readonly secret for the remote location, can you confirm that I just need to change the one that is monitoring the folder and restart it ?
  13. would it be possible for you to create those !sync on a temp folder (like the .SyncTrash folderin the root folder) ? The issue i have is I am using btsync to backup my JIRA (wonderful tool by the way) and this can stop the entire application when it finds a file it does not recognized! It would be better to manage all of these sync file you generate under that temp folder instead of having them created inside the folder itself that is monitored by btsync. I have added in the syncignore the following entry "*\cache\*.*". Can you confirm that this means do not sync any folder (and all it subfol