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  1. Hey, I have the similar issue - Android 6.0.1, Resilio mobile 2.4.9 (639) I've enabled sleep mode and check to sync every 4 hours, or every 5 mins while charging. Have a backup of my DCIM folder on SD card to my other machines. So if I check those backup folders on other machines - I see only some photos which was made 3-4 days ago, not even those which was made earlier that 4 hours ago as in settings. But the craziest thing is that Resilio mobile can't see some files right in my phone! For example, I have 5 files in DCIM folder in my phone, while I open Recilio on the same phone it tells me that I have only 4 files in that folder, and it never backups that missed file of course too. Usual folders (not backups) works like a charm, the problems only with Backups.
  2. I can confirm the same problem on my WD MyBook World White Light (4TB)