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  1. I created an identity on BTS 2.0 and recently updated the install to 2.2. I also installed a new instance of 2.2 on a new machine (raspberry pi). When I start up the new instance, it doesn't give me the option to connect to my old identity, only to create a new one with a new key How can I make the new machine recognize my original identity?
  2. I've been running the ARM build on a linux plug for about a year with no significant problems. The most recent version that worked was 1.4.93. I just downloaded v1.4.103 to the machine, did chmod 755 to make it executable and attempted to start it, but the command returns "Segmentation Fault". Can anyone suggest a solution or point me to a download of the older build. Thanks
  3. The ARM build of 1.3.109 does not display the version number on the GUI. Please restore this functionality so I can verify what version is on each machine. Thx
  4. Realized the date on the plug was wrong and fixed it.
  5. Just installed 1.1.42 on a WIndows box and an ARM plug (linux). Old sync wasn't working, so I removed all files from the ARM plug, removed the sync folders from BTS on both machines, restarted BTS on both machines and then readded the folders on both machines. The folders were indexed correctly (right size and # files) on the Windows box After a second or two of trying to sync, I get an error message on the linux box UI saying "Sync stopped: device time difference more than 600 seconds". Can anyone help correcting this. Syncing these folders worked fine w/ BTS 1.0.x, but has been buggy since 1.1.x TIA Paul
  6. Believe I have the same problem. BTS 1.1.27 running on Win 7 and Linux plug (Debian Wheezy). Initial syncing of seven Win folders worked fine...all files appeared on Linux plug (ranged from 20files/2Gb to 5000+files/70+Gb). Subsequently added files to three of the original files on Win. BTS on Win recognized new files as indicated in Folders Tab, but files never synced to Linux box. Tried restarting BTS on moth machines. No go :-(.
  7. I setup btsync a few weeks ago and had had several folders syncing between a Win7 box and a Linux plug computer. One folder (C:\<user>\My Documents, which is seen by btsync as C:\<user>\Documents) originally had 6225 files. I noticed recently that the folder on the Win box has grown to 6280 files thru normal use (as reported by the Win properties dialog, but the btsync client on the Win box continues to show only 6225 files in the folder. Also, the btsync client on the plug computer shows only 6223 files and even though it shows some remaining download in the status field, there is 0 upload activity. Why won't btsync complete the syncing and why don't the newer files get added? Paul
  8. Overnight, two files were added to the Win7 directory, two more files synced, leaving 1 unsynced (still don't know if its the same one), but the amount of unsynced data dropped to 2.1Kb. I logged out of the account being synced, but that didn't result in an immediate sync. FWIW, the directory I'm trying to sync is C:\<user1>\Documents. However, I did successfully sync C:\<user2>\Documents, with user2 being the user running btsync. Paul
  9. I set up syncing between a Win7 box and a (LInux) plug computer on my LAN. There are 7 folders set to sync. Six of them synced completely showing the same number of files and bytes on each machine. The 7th folder seems to have hung with 1 file unsynced (out of 6200+; can't yet figure out which one) and about 300Kb (out of 4.8Gb). The plug's btsync interface hasn't shown any upload or download activity for at least 12 hours when all the other folders completed syncing. Anyone know why the sync is incomplete or how to force completion? Paul