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  1. I get error "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" when I start btsync at a Synology ARM Device. The older Version 1.0.134 starts without any problems. Any help?
  2. Ready to test with Nexus 10, HTC One V & HTC One S And maybe my old HTC Magic ;-)
  3. Maybe this is a solution for you (untested): In DSM 4.x you have a Jobplanner where you can create a plan for a user script. The Code for the Script: #!/bin/sh ping -c 1 YOUR-PC-NAME >/dev/null if [ $? == 1 ]; then echo "offline" sh /var/packages/btsync/scripts/start-stop-status stop else echo "online" sh /var/packages/btsync/scripts/start-stop-status start fi Replace the Computername. Start daily at 0:00; repeat every hour; end at 23:00. Run script as user root. Please tell us if with this solution your HDDs can sleep.
  4. Synology Users have you also problems with disk hibernation ? MaZder have create a thread