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  1. Where on /volume1/ should those dumps exactly be situated? If on the root level, than no, there are no dumps. Otherwise you’re right, the DS1813+ is a Cedarview model but still does not like to cooperate with DSM6 (had to be stopped before the upgrade, could not be executed afterwards, even after re-downloading and installing it). But hold on, I just rebooted our Synology again (as two attached DX513 were not accessible) – and Sync COULD BE STARTED like before! So my apologies for the troubling message as it was clearly related to a side effect from the upgrade. Sigh, too many updates/upgrades nowadays …
  2. Unfortunately, the above method does not work with our Synology DS1813+ and the binary cannot be executed. If I only had known this I would have waited as long as it needs. But now every Sync download has to be postponed .
  3. iOS here (iPhone 4 and 5, iPad), 5GHz WiFi network too.