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  1. It will be very useful to have a standard API that is supported across all these types of services (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, BTS, etc) so that adding support to a new ones such BTS could be invisible to the user, it becomes just like a new drive. (Just wishing here) I really hoppe the API could be use across all the devices just like dropbox. But here are a few request that will be great: 1. The ability to collect information about the nodes, (IP,Ports,On/OFF,etc). 2. Having one node be able to have exclusive lock into one file or folder. (So in other nodes local users can no overwrite their local copies. ) Good use for this could be for collaborating with others. 3. Been able to send network messages to other nodes and have the nodes act like a proxy to a local script. (Or the ability to make this happen.) Basically to leverage the connectivity that the nodes have without having to open additional ports for our own scripts. 4. a call that makes the local node update itself or update a file/folder. 5. Make your share folders act like a cache rather than a full sync folder. (This could be useful for mobile devices) 6. Change the frequency it detects/sync changes in certain folders. (Will help with collaboration) 7. Better File/Folder history. (May be with some integration with Git/SVN?)