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  1. That seems ok. Have you tried to enable debugging? You might be able to find out more about what BTsync is doing.
  2. Hi Johan, Yes, this is possible, although not in the easiest way, as you would have to use SyncIgnore to mask all the files you do NOT want to sync on your server. This might be a bit tedious, but so far no SyncInclude file exists.
  3. Maybe it is a network issue? - What IPs/subnet are you using in your LAN? - What IP address do the two machines have that are not connecting through btsync?
  4. BTsync is still considered beta, therefore nothing is set in stone i.e. documentation changes, API changes etc. If you would like to see the sleep behaviour you are describing implemented, put it on the long wishlist so that the devs can pick it up. Or if you think it is a bug, put it on the bug list.
  5. Hello Ryan, I am not quite sure how a sync should work, if one of the clients is asleep. With BTsync, you cut out the middleman: e.g. in Dropbox you have a centralised server, with which you sync. You do not have this with BTsync. In BTsync, the only nodes that will share data with each other, are the ones that have the same secret. In a case of having only two nodes i.e. work and home, you would need a third device, if you want to allow any of the two to sleep. Data will not be synced, if the work computer sleeps and you have only your home laptop on. HTH
  6. In theory (I am not developing the software, therefore take no responsibility if it does not work) + disable DHT. You should also disable UPnP, as you do not need to poke holes into your router's FW any longer, as well as setting each BTsync's node port as static so that you predefined list of hosts works.
  7. It is exactly as jiftie said. I use a QR code desktop programme to create links for my mobile devices, as I am using custom generated keys. I created longer keys to be independent of the BTsync secret generating process and to increase security (not that anyone would ever be able to guess the normal keys, but some of us like their tin foil hats). No need to hash the secret or anything, just copy it from the desktop/webui/config file and thats it. If you want to have spaces in your share's name, you do not need to use ". I am not sure about online QR code generators, but I guess you can play around with the string. The <NAME> is the one that the client uses as the default folder name on your device, which you can edit anyways before accepting/setting up a share.
  8. Correct, iOS is the RW node, whereas the key to be copied is a RO key, which can be seen from the secret starting with a 'B', There is currently no user setting that would allow you to input your own key on the iOS camera backup.
  9. Correct. Changes made on a RO node do not get synced to RW or ENC nodes.
  10. each share has a a file called .SyncID in the root of its share. It would be best to delete any .Sync* file of a cloned version before starting to sync these. HTH
  11. - No - No - No (not quite sure what you are trying to say: A has RW, B only RO and C RW, then B and C's secret are different) - Yes - Default: random. The setting can be changed in the settings, look for "Listening port" - Sort of, currently there is no other way.
  12. It seems the user running BTsync on your server does not have permission to write files to the folder you share. When you and the other users save files, then you have the necessary permissions. You could try and add the BTsync user to the group that you and the others use to access the server with and/or change the permissions on the folder itself.
  13. I have tested this only with an iPhone device and was under the impression it would be the same for Android devices as well. Sorry, if it isn't.
  14. This is not currently possible with BTsync. The only way this can be achieved is the photo backup option on the mobile clients. Once activated it syncs the main photo folder on iOS/Android and when a photo is deleted on the phone, the photo remains on the connected btsync clients. This option/mode does not exist on the other desktop/server versions of btsync.
  15. The API offers such a "preview" of the files and folders in a share and enables selective downloads. The integration as seen in the mobile clients with a nice list view is not implemented on the other btsync versions. IMHO I am not even sure that it will be possible to create a neat implementation into Finder/Explorer or any other OS file manager. More realistic would be a preview window, akin to the mobile client.
  16. BTsync does not touch files that are currently locked. This could happen, because another programme uses the file, such as Word. Also some special characters in the filename have caused problems in the past, such as ß or ü.
  17. I have no particular knowledge of the debian/ubuntu packagers, but it seems that the user running btsync has insufficient permissions to create the necessary files, such as .SyncID, SyncArchive, etc. You could take a look at /etc/passwd or /etc/group and see which groups might have been added by the btsync package or you just take a look at the btsync instance by running ps aux | grep btsync to see the username. You can then use usermod to change/add the btsync user and/or add him to your user group if necessary. A simple and dirty solution would just be to chmod 777 the directory you are trying to set up for syncing. However, this makes this folder accessible to every other user on your system.
  18. If the two PCs are on the same LAN subnet, the PCs should be able to find each other through broadcast messages.
  19. 5 days is far too long, that is not normal. Have you checked, that both BTsync instances are connected? Take a look at the BTsync Devices in the desktop app or web UI. If they do not list the other side's BTsync instance name, then you have a connection issue. If you have however a connection, another area to look at would be the history tab on your local computer and see if your .doc has been added/updated.
  20. Hi MR, Your deductions were correct: unless you enable automatic downloads for the folder, nothing will be downloaded by default onto your phone. Tapping onto folders does not download the entire folder contents. Tapping a file in this mode downloads the file and you should see a progress bar and a green tick mark once it is finished. If you swipe the file to the left, you can remove the file again. So in essence, you can use this easily for your video portfolio.
  21. The side picking up changes would be the BTsync instance running on your local folder. Depending on the OS, the update of the files can take a while. Once this has happened on your local computer, the offsite location should get synced.
  22. Well, even if DB can sync these files, it does in turn not mean that BTsync can and/or should. Also, please remember that BTsync is currently in beta stage, where these kind of bugs are expected, and with the correct supply of logs and problem descriptions, the developers are hopefully able to "squash" the bugs.
  23. 4. it could be due to some characters, which have caused problems in the past, such as ß, ü, etc.
  24. Hi, it should work, if you disable tracker, relay, and dht and then input the ip address and port of the other clients in your LAN as predefined hosts.