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  1. It exists already, the encrypted secrets can be created through the API. The only feature missing is the decryption of the encrypted node's data in case of an emergency recovery.
  2. The left arrow to navigate back from a subfolder is missing in portrait mode on the iPad version - I think it might be overlaid with the menu (three lines). Going into landscape brings back the arrow.
  3. Hi Osiris, Have you checked the settings of your folder? It could be, that you experience slow speeds if you have the relay server enabled.Try disabling it, and maybe try to input known hosts in that share to see if speed issues could be resolved this way.
  4. Hello Vlad, 1. As long as DFS-R is not locking files permanently, BTsync should be able to run just fine. 2. I have read about other users with syncs going into multiple TB, so no problem there. 300+k files seems reasonable, only remark would be to have enough RAM. 3. No idea, I do not use VSS or any Windows Server. 4.1. Set up the master server first: create a new share, point it to the current folder and wait until indexing is done. 4.2. Add the RW key to your workstations, select an empty folder and it should receive the data from your master server. HTH
  5. THe file is automatically created in each share's root. You can use any editor eg vi to edit it.
  6. You could disallow access to the btsync instance you are running by either setting a login and password, or disable Web-UI access entirely - this is for server/Linux/Unix versions. The desktop versions can be configured in the same way if necessary, but usually do not have any web or remote access enabled by default, therefore the usual safeguarding on desktop computers applies. It is my understanding, that the secret is not saved in clear text, but some sort of binary format in a database. However, if someone would get hold of these files, they could theoretically sync your data, but this brings us back to the same safeguarding mechanisms you would need to have in place anyways, such as strong pw etc.
  7. The short answer is: yes. The long answer is: try it out, set up a sync on desktop/server and the android device and pull the modem cable and disable mobile data on your android phone and then restart btsync on both devices, make changes, etc
  8. BTsync does not rely on internet access, if all you want is a LAN-only sync. However, devices need to be on the same subnet, e.g. and etc ...
  9. You should be able to see log information in the sync.log file. It could be in the home folder of the bit torrent sync user or at a location defined in the config file, and lastly log output can be activated on the command line as well.
  10. Enable debugging and have a look at your log files on both sides.
  11. Have you checked the API documentation? Those options are not found in the current version, maybe head over to the sync developer sub-forum and add it to the Sync API wishlist.
  12. This is not possible with the current versions. BTsync was meant to sync i.e. mirror data. There are selective downloads through the API, but BTsync does not come with the necessary logic to deal with the kind of setup you want.
  13. Some possible workarounds: - Update to latest version 1.2.82 - Check, that UPnP is enabled on both sides i.e. yours and the one you want to connect to. - Enable tracker, relay and DHT - Check the logs
  14. It has been mentioned before. You can add it to the wishlist again to make the developers aware, that the feature is needed. The desktop and server versions of btsync delete the files in a share (i.e. if they are RW nodes in the share). If you delete files from the NAS they will be deleted in the shares you see on your iPad and iPhone
  15. The check updates function was never fully functional in my experience. In the change log for 1.2.82 it mentioned a fix to the auto-update, but I would still encourage everyone to check back to the forums until BTsync is out of beta status.
  16. The iOS BTsync client does not currently allow complete deletion of a file or folder in a share. All it does is deleting the file on the device itself.
  17. The settings to limit access to predefined hosts is not implemented yet in any mobile BTsync version, neither is turning off relay,tracker,dht etc that you have on the desktop and server versions.
  18. This is not possible with BTsync on iOS. The only thing you can do with BTsync is a backup of your Photos. This backup however cannot be synced back, as BTsync cannot do this at the moment. The contacts will be synced with your iCloud account, not sure about texts and movies
  19. 1. So it works, sorry that it does not seem to work without login and password field. I use btsync for many months and have it running without authentication on my LAN, but then I just run it from the commandline. 2. Ok, that is specific to the Debian/ubuntu package I think and is the anticipated behaviour. I suggested this because I was not sure if those lines would be comments for btsync as well. I might have to point you to the thread by the package owner
  20. 1. Is the file readable by the user/group media? 2. What happens if you remove the // DAEMON entries?
  21. The DAEMON variables should not be in the config file for btsync (unless it is on purpose for the Linux package). Secondly, you can see if btsync is running with the config file with ps on the command line. It should be btsync --config /etc/btsync/media.conf.
  22. The API key or the facilities it makes accessible are not bound to any region. For examples, head over to another sub-forum: Bittorrent Sync -> Developers
  23. Add this to the long wishlist, it might be integrated at some point
  24. 1. It seems, that BTsync is still indexing - it might take a while, depending on the NAS's CPU type (ARM vs x86). 2. the debug option might be able to help you, but I would suggest letting it run for a long while and then see if it is still stuck e.g. 2-6h and have a look at the log file at that point 3. use the latest version 1.2.82
  25. A good point, maybe add those to the Wishlist.