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  1. Hi, as there is no issue tracker, this might have been posted already: I have btsync 1.1.70 running on FreeBSD servers (x64) and a Raspberry Pi with just the default config i.e. I run it via ./btsync in the command line. I use no config file and when I try to change general settings with check buttons, no changes will be saved after clicking OK. When I go back to the same folder preferences, everything is back as default. The only thing that seems to be saved in general setting is the list of predefined hosts This happens with both RO and RW shared folders.
  2. I am not familiar with the NAS you use, but as you have figured out yourself, you have a permission problem. The user that runs btsync must have full access to the folder(s) that you are trying to sync. Several possible solutions: - change the permissions of the folders to 777 with chmod, or make the btsync user also owner of the folder or at least add him to the same group, see chown and adduser tools - run btsync as a different user with more privileges (root might not be a wise choice and should only be a last resort for testing purposes)
  3. Before accusing anyone, why not taking a look for yourselves with tools like Wireshark ? I have not had time to do it, but I am certain you can take a peek at the payloads being sent etc.
  4. BTsync uses the torrent protocol, maybe there are some limitations regarding P2P traffic on the french side? Maybe try to set up a VPN/SSH portfw on the French server and see if it improves the speed.
  5. The way BTsync works at the moment, it does not support a feature relating to a remote wipe of a single node. A workaround would be to create a copy of the shared folder on your end, delete all the content on your end, wait until it propagates to all other nodes. Then change the key to disallow access from the node you just wiped, copy the key to the wanted nodes and move the copy back. This all hinges on the other side to have .SyncArchive deactivated, otherwise the data would still be there. This seems like a lot of hassle to achieve your goal, maybe asking the member directly to delete the folder would be more straightforward. A changed secret just means, that the nodes without the new key will have their owns hare, separate from yours, even if it is just one. Copies are kept by default and are not deleted when the key is changed on other nodes.
  6. I like the index-view of shared items before downloading, but it seems to make one thing impossible: deleting files from the iOS interface. If a folder was set up as master on the iOS client through "Connect mobile", it is impossible to delete items from the folder, as the interface only allows to download and then delete the file from the device but NOT from the folder itself. The file will still be visible (without the tick mark), which is what I expect from read-only folder, but not master ones. Edit: When iOS devices add files to a share, the filename gets appended with a date stamp, e.g. '2013.08.28'. Would it be possible to change it and adhere to ISO 8601, which uses the format of '2013-08-28'? I know this seems like a small issue, but as there are so many different ways of describing the date around the world, this one is internationally recognised.
  7. Hi there, I have btsync running on my FreeBSD server with shares located on ZFS and have experienced no problems so far. If you want to make a full backup, make sure the share on the FreeNAS server is read-only or that btsync is not running if you rollback a snapshot to circumvent problems with syncing. A better option would be clones of snapshots, which you could access without destroying the current btsync share and then replace files as needed. Off topic: I am still running time machine backups as they give me a simple interface to retrieve historical files if needed. This is missing in BTsync so far and I am not sure there will ever be something similar to what you would get with the tight integration of the Time Machine UI. I have had problems with my Time Machine Backups in the past and had the infamous corrupted backup message coming up. Snapshots with ZFS have made my Time Machine Backup impervious against this, as I create hourly, daily, weekly, etc snapshots of my Time Machine image file and can just rollback in case OS X thinks it is corrupt again.
  8. When using the "Share files" feature, the received folder name for devices containing spaces gets truncated at the first space. For example: the sending device is called "Matt's iPad" and the folder structure on the receiving device would be "Received/From Matt's/" instead of "Received/From Matt's iPad/".
  9. This thread gets longer each day and I am sure there have been a lot of duplicate feature requests. Have you considered using an issue tracker system where users could submit feature requests and admins could respond or close them? This could take some of the admin weight off this forum in terms of debugging and feature requests. Maybe something alike to Github or Trac?
  10. I have shares (OS X 1.1.69) with 200+ character secrets and wanted to connect a mobile device (iOS 1.1.109) and realised, that the QR code generated by the desktop version gets `truncated' i.e. not the whole QR code is shown. The FreeBSD version (1.1.70 x64) does not have this issue.
  11. The QR codes created by BTsync to connect mobile devices already use this kind of encoding: btsync://<your secret goes here>?n=<your share name here>
  12. - Backport the list view/selective download from the iOS BTsync version to the desktop version. - Fix the QR code window to show the whole QR code if a secret is longer. I have tried this with a +200 character secret and it failed to show the whole QR code.
  13. Thank you for releasing the iOS version iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 As mentioned before, adding a folder has to be done in reverse order or the instructions are not clear enough. The bigger problem I had, was adding a folder with a QR code at all. I chose to create longer secrets for my shares i.e. +200 characters and realised that the desktop version does not support them, as the QR code gets truncated and therefore cannot be read. I tried several times to read the code with the iOS version until I realised and tested the code with other QR reader software. In the end I created a new share with the preset secret length, read the QR code again with a QR reader to find out what code btsync creates (it was btsync://<the secret>?n=<name of share>) and then created my own QR code. This QR code was readable by btsync and finally enabled me to import the shares. For this reason, I would like to see more advanced settings to see and/or copy paste the secrets instead of just QR codes. I would love to see the feature of selective downloads to be ported back to the desktop version if possible. Thanks again for the effort you put into this
  14. Now that I have used btsync for a while, the following are a few points that would be great to see implemented - An estimated time of finishing a sync would be great for road warriors or anyone who is on the go and wants to see how much longer the connection needs to be up to finish the sync. - Pausing individual sync folders instead of just all or - Prioritise sync folders, for example, I have two sync folder and I set"backup" sync to low priority, whereas 'current project' has a high priority , resulting in more (dynamic?) bandwidth allocated for the latter - Bandwidth limitations for individual sync folders - Incorporate the units for the advanced settings. what unit does sync_trash_ttl have? Apples, Meters, Seconds, Years? maybe sync_trash_ttl_min for minutes Keep up the good work
  15. My bad, I should have just followed the link at the beginning of this thread. I did not even notice and just went straight for the download page instead. Thanks for clearing this up
  16. Hi guys, thanks for pushing out new versions in such short intervals I was reading the changelog for 1.1.15 and saw FreeBSD not crashing, rushed to the Download link and only found old versions from May as downloads?! I modified the link from 1.1.12 to access the folder directly at
  17. I currently use BTsync to keep my Dissertation in LaTeX in sync with a server at home and one in Germany. It works wonders, the only problem I encountered so far is the sad truth, that Bittorrent traffic is filtered at my university. Apart from that, I have been using the OS X and the FreeBSD version without any crashes.
  18. I would like to test out the iOS app as well.