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  1. I synced an mp4 to my ipad ios7.1.1. When I touch on it I see the options: "Message","Mail","Open in Dropbox", then at the bottom of the list "Save Video" and "Quick Look". The video plays in the Quick Look, so I know it isn't corrupt. When I touch on "Save Video", it doesn't seem to do anything. 


    If I go to my Videos app, I would expect that it shows up somewhere, probably in Home Videos. Right?

  2. I was able to get this working much easier using nssm.

    • Install BTSync
    • Configure your shared folders
    • Make sure you uncheck the "Start btsync when windows starts" option in the preferences.
    • Download nssm, as an admin run "nssm install BTSync"
    • Put in the path to the BTSync.exe
    • Open windows service manager and tell it to run BTSync as the user you just used to install.
    • Make sure BTSync isn't already running, then start the service.