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  1. aaaaaaaaaaand just like that suddenly its working. Nothing was changed but i guess it just needed 5 hours to figure itself out. Folders now add instantly not really sure what was wrong.
  2. Hi, i just installed bitsync on my server and i have it running but i am having an issue. The server is not actually syncing any files. I add a folder and give it the secret and where i want it to go but it never actually syncs no matter how long i let it sit there even if i point it right at a computer that is port forwarded and has that folder in the predetermined host area. Any idea why or at least how i can figure out why this isnt working?
  3. Hi, im getting the following issues on debian trying ot get things going gpg: requesting key 6BF18B15 from hkp server pgp.mit.edu ?: pgp.mit.edu: Connection timed out gpgkeys: HTTP fetch error 7: couldn't connect: Connection timed out gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. gpg: Total number processed: 0