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  1. There should be an option to see IPs of relays in between. We have a bunch VMs for each of our projects on each workstation and the guest VMs run btsync to sync files to a repository within the host(the workstation) and the VMs are shown to be connecting with a relay, even though the connection between the host and guest is in bridged mode. It would be great if we could see who the relay is/are for the connections.
  2. Woof! This was scary until this. Happy syncing everybody. Thank you vitz1, GreatMarko, Xanza & kos13 for helping with this.
  3. The antivirus database update which set this off happened 2 hours ago(1100 GMT). I wish updates had a version so we could compare. Anyhow I would like to err on caution. We actually started to use BTSync on several platforms at work and now have to get everything quarantined, so I know we are in some serious trouble on Monday as this Trojan looks scary by what is known of it to the Internet. UPDATE: Sorry hadn't seen your(GreatMarko) update, but saw it after the page refreshed after posting. So I guess we have it there then.
  4. I downloaded it from here: which gave me a link to this: There are no hashes or signatures on the website to match against so can't check file signature. Also, since I don't anymore have the installers as the antivirus won't let me live with them and I also am not sure if I should download it again.
  5. I can attest to this as the downloaded file is indeed harboring the trojan. I have got a new laptop(3 days old), and was looking to replicate the setup I have in my other computer, so I proceeded to download and install BTSync(yesterday) and Kaspersky Internet Security(v13.0.1.4190) gave me a warning that BTSync.exe contains Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Foreign.diwl at "Program Files\Bittorrent Sync\BTSync.exe//UPX I uninstalled and performed a thorough scan and restarted. Scanned again, and the system was clean. When I tried to download the installer again, the AV gave me a warning that the installer has a trojan and I had to delete it. Is it possible that the virus signature has been added recently and that is causing alarms in the detection? I was searching for help on this and found no reports anywhere online about similar incidences. I was looking to write to the BT team when I chanced upon this thread, so had to add to this.