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  1. I'm starting to think you are correct...but I don't know if I'd go back on my decision to switch to Syncthng even if they did switch to a one time charge. If they had any intention of switching away from the subscription model I think they would have issued some statement by now even it was just to say they understand everyones concerns, but besides the response from epounds in the broken promise thread (which didn't actually address anyones concerns) I haven't heard anything official from the BT team and honestly I don't think we will.
  2. I voted $41-$50, but that is what I would have paid when it was released. At this point, with everything that has happened and the lack of a real response from the BTSync team I would have to think long and hard about dropping a single penny on this software. I've been using the free version recently which I've been making work, but have also been looking at and testing Syncthing which has been working great so far (and running my own discovery server has the added benefit of not relying on anyone).
  3. Since it doesn't seem like you plan on offering a solution, I will. If you find and delete the file license.bin and then start BTSync you'll be on the free version instead of the trial. I've tested this both on the Mac and Linux version of BTSync and it has worked fine. Hopefully this helps someone.
  4. But if all of the users are using 1 identity then it appears only 1 license would be needed.
  5. If you don't plan on giving users a way to skip the trial and just use the free version just let us know. As I've mentioned in other threads I have no intention of using the Pro version based on the current subscription model and would like to use the free version, but waiting 30 days to get the free version is ridiculous and something I won't do especially each time I add BTSync to a new system. I've been happy with BTSync for almost 2 years (member here since June 2013), I've recommended BTSync to many family members and friend and really don't want to switch to something else but I've already started looking elsewhere because I feel like my hand is being forced. Now everyone gets why you have it setup the way you do....get people hooked on the Pro version during the trial in hopes they'll subscribe, but unless you offer a 1 time purchase I will never subscribe to the Pro version. So again....PLEASE just let us know if you ever plan on allowing users to go straight to the free version or if the forced Pro trial is the only option. Thanks you.
  6. Any update on this or are we just suppose to wait for the trial to run out (if I even give it that long)?
  7. Can you expand on this please? With all the devices linked under the same identity I'm not seeing a way to not use the 'My Devices'. As soon as I add a folder it shows on all of my other devices.
  8. If you are trying to delete all the .sync folders you could try to run the following: find . -type d -name '.sync' -exec rm -df {} \; You might want to run that without the -exec rm -df {} \; first just to make sure it is only finding the .sync folders you are wanting to remove.
  9. I'd love to see an answer to this question. If I contuine to use BTsync it will only be with the free version unless the subscription model goes away and would really like to be able to see if the free will work for me without having to wait 30 day on each client. Please quickly come up with a way for us to opt out of the Pro trial because 30 days is a long time to wait and I can see myself and others moving to other options before that time is up.
  10. This is the biggest thing for me. The subscription model just doesn't fit this product.
  11. I'm sure this isn't how they expected the launch of 2.0 to go but how long until we get an official response from the BTSync team? Now of course those who are disappointed are going to be the most vocal and I'm sure they have a large group of users who are happy with the direction things have turned but there is also a large group that is ready to jump ship and its those who are disappointed that are more likely to continue to be vocal and will have a hard time recommending anything BT related. Really all I'm looking for is some sort of official response. Either say you messed up and let us know what changes are coming or tells us nothing is changing so we can pack up and find another solution.
  12. I hope there are plans for a new version in the very near future that will allow us to choose just the free version without going through that mess.
  13. This is the problem I have with the Pro cost. If I saw a valid reason for a subscription I might consider it, but since all the data is stored on my own systems and isn't passing through any BTSync servers there is no reason for a subscription. $40 for 2.0 and then an upgrade fee to 3.0 I could get onboard with.
  14. So i have 'Use cellular data' turned on and under the camera backup options 'Use Wi-Fi only' is also turned on, but I just had a number of pictures upload over the cellular network. Closed the app, took a few more pics to test and the same thing happened...Camera is backing up via cellular even though it is set to Wi-Fi only.
  15. Yes. When you open the pdf in iBooks a copy of the pdf stored in the proper iBooks folder so to completely remove from your iPad you'll need to remove it from both iBooks and BTSync
  16. I've noticed a problem with the most recent builds on my Mac. If I Pause Syncing and then put my Mac to Sleep, when I wake my Mac the syncing starts again even though Pause Syncing is still checked.
  17. Does BitTorrent Sync on the iPhone support (or will it support) the ability to open .torrent file from Safari? I'm hoping to be able to open .torrent files in BitTorrent sync and have files sent to folder on my pc. I have a bad feeling that this won't be supported because of some Apple restrictions (they hate torrents for some reason).
  18. I have no inside knowledge of anything, but if I were to have to take a guess (having Apple and iOS for many years) I'd say it is very unlikely Apple would make that change in iOS 7.
  19. I did turn 'Automatically Backup' on and the pictures did finally sync... The way the settings are currently I was expecting to see an option to manually sync the pictures if I wanted
  20. I have camera backup turned on and automatically backup turned off and the initial backup went through fine, but new pictures are not being backed up and I'm not seeing any way to trigger a manual backup. Now if unclear the app from the 'running apps' and relaunch the number of pictures updates on the camera screen and says completed but nothing is actually transfer to my computer.
  21. Jus signed up for the IOS beta...would love to help