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  1. First of all - congrats to this great piece of software. I´m using it as a replacement for Dropbox and I´m very happy with BTsync. Nevertheless I can´t get completely rid of Dropbox as I´m using it to syncronize my 1password data across my devices (iphone, ipad, desktop pc (work and private). Even though the data are encrypted on the dropbox I would feel much more comfortable if the data are not stored somewhere in the cloud. So I think it should be the logical next step to provide API´s for developers so that much much more people can benefit from the idea of a private cloud, especially when it comes to such sensitive topics like password-vault synchronisation ! Greetings from Austria, wiwa
  2. Hi, I´m using BTSync to sync two NAS (for offsite backup) connected to win7 machines (approx. 80.000 files and 500GB) and I´m loving this tool ! Here´s my issue: I have 2 machines (win7; Btsync 1.0.134). Sync works fine so far - but once a day (presumly when the ISP provides a new IP-address) the two machines can´t see each other anymore. The only way to solve the problem that I found is to restart BTSync on both machines. Does anyone else have the same issue ? Greetings Walter
  3. Hi Everyone, I have 2 machines (win7, BTsync 1.0.134) connected, were machine B is read only. Behaviour: When I add on machine A 1 specific file (it is a normal .jpg) it will not be synced (see below) I have the same issue when I renamed the file to "test.jpg" - same result Additionally - when I restart BTsync this specific file will be added as if it was never added to the folder before. Does anyone have the same issue ? I would appreciate any hint TIA Walter On machine A I added 2 files - the history looks like this the .SyncIgnore file for machine A looks like this on machine B only 1 file of the two will be synced as it can bee seen in the history here on machine B the .SyncIgnore file is this
  4. Would be great if I could participate as a testuser for iOS